Picture of Woven Ring Pendant
This pendant is composed of 7 wire rings, not including the jump ring. The rings are linked by mobius weave which means every ring passes through the others. More information for mobius weaving can be found here.

I got 25’ of 16 gage wire from a home improvement store for less than $2.00. You could also use a coat hanger.


Step 1: Make rings

Picture of Make rings
Using a socket and pair of pliers wrap the wire into a coil. Use a pair of snips to cut the rings free.
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manman116 months ago


Hey there! your instructables are what instructables were meant to be. They are so clear which really helps out when you are following them. I was making this pendent but I didnt want to solder it so that it could be worn on either side. After thinking for a while and trying different techniques I found a way to make this pendent without soldering it by weaving it. If you want any further information let me know. Thank you for all of your great instructables!

I love how this looks, but am intrigued with the idea of weaving rather than soldering. Can you please explain?

I love how this site gets the creative juices flowing!

Mrballeng (author)  michaelhoover3 years ago
Thanks for taking the time to comment and for all those nice words. Absolutely I'd like to know how you did it with out soldering. I'm sure others would too. Don't forget to post pictures.
S.Leung2 years ago
Made this one a while back, but forgot to take some photos. It is made from some copper wire (I think about 18 gauge) taken from a heavy electrical cord which was made of several strands of it woven together. I thought the silver colour of the solder looked funny with the copper at first, but luckily my cat doesn't mind wearing it.
clazman S.Leung6 months ago


HouseSlayer7 months ago

This looks awesome and all but I was wondering how do you coil the wire so precisely. I am having problems with getting each wire circle aligned with the next leaving gaps and uneven circles when I clip the wire

Marvellous me7 months ago

I and a friend turned it into a toy. I loved this, and the others you do. You can see mine at http://www.instructables.com/id/Ultimate-boredom-t... . It is fun to play with all the time.

ibob4tacoz made it!8 months ago

Made this for my girlfriend for Christmas. Quick, fun project indeed.

suka.teater8 months ago

i'm a beginner, so this will be a stupid question, i im gonna make it with the exact same material as you are. will it bend easily or.. something?

in short, this ring can be bend easily?

sorry for my bad english as i am a non-native speaker

No, after you make the rings and solder (if done correctly), it should be very solid.

swise31 year ago
how much money would it take for you to make it for me?
cxiong12 years ago
Does anyone have any tips on how arrange the rings when soldering so that they stay put? Can't seem to get it.
neilh2 years ago
I had an idea while making one of these tonight. On one ring, I made the loop extra long and bent it into a smaller loop to use it in instead of a an additional ring to run a chain / cord through.

The pictures show it better.

neilh3 years ago
This was fun. I just tried making one. I used a dremel tool cutoff wheel to make the rings as I thought that might give more square edges. It does, but you have to hold the whole spiral in a vice, or it un-coils as you slice each ring apart.

Great instructable! Thanks!
Brilliant, sadly mine's being a pain and I can't seem to arrange it evenly...

I just made another one and I may have a suggestion for you. Make sure that all the rings go through in the same direction, if you have one that is flipped around it wont sit right.

I learned that the hard way and then saw this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erHeGSNDpXk

(not my video, it's from a shop in Canada that sells rings & such that I happened to find.)

bioboy7253 years ago
This is pretty cool. I never thought of soldering a partial mobius ball together like this. It looks great.
Gooberz3 years ago
I really liked this instructable! made it as a christmas present for my girlfriend.
Mrballeng (author)  Gooberz3 years ago
Looks great! And good job on the presentation. Thanks for sharing the picture.
minhaj9843 years ago
Hi, I tried this out, does the size of the ring matter ? do the rings have to be exactly the same size ? They really dont seem to be sitting in place. Can we use normal solder instead of lead free solder ?
Mrballeng (author)  minhaj9843 years ago
You can use any ring size you want. As long as all the rings are the same gage thickness and also the same size it will work.
barbarab3 years ago
Would you possibly consider doing an "Instructables" on the real basics of soldering? Or perhaps recommend a good online tutorial?
Mrballeng (author)  barbarab3 years ago
Funny you should mention. I'm working on an instructable video "how to solder amature jewelry". Should be posted soon.
I'll be watching for it (and make it REALLY REALLY basic ... there are those of us who don't know a soldering torch from a welder's torch!)
dombeef4 years ago
I have made two of those mobuis weaves, and one of them is on a neckless and the other is a keychain that I made.It is made out of copper wire that I found from an old electrical cord. I don't have access to a torch but I used glue and so far it is working great! I don't have any pictures right now but I might soon if you remind me by remind me by replying!

Do you mind if I make a instructable on how to make a keychain version of this?
Mrballeng (author)  dombeef4 years ago
Good going. And I think we'd all love to see your photos.

Knock your self out. I don't mind if you post your take on anything I put up. Thanks for the comment.
looks like a have a new project after i make my gaunlet and gun lol
Data6434 years ago
This is really hard to solder together if you do not have a pencil torch. Don't bother with a soldering iron or a 'plumbing' torch. It will fail. Miserably.
: P

Mrballeng (author)  Data6434 years ago
I made this with a plumbing torch which is the only thing I own for soldering. Where did you run into a dead end? Let me know. I'll explain better.
Oh. I thought you used a jewler's pencil torch. The rings kept spreading out on mine despite holding it together with pliers.
about how many feet did you use for about a penny sized ring with 7 rings?
Mrballeng (author)  zen of zappa4 years ago
I think I used about a foot and a half but not all of that ends up as used rings. Some wire is lost to the pliers grip when winding it around the socket.
Mattrox4 years ago
Wow! It looks really nice, you explain every thing nicely, and you've taken really nice photos! 5 stars! I have a couple of questions though.
Just wandering what you used to solder it with? Would something like this be worth buying for jewelry making?
Mrballeng (author)  Mattrox4 years ago
This is the exact torch I have. I bought it in February and the ignitor has since broken but I would buy it again.

I bought one those pencil torches a long time ago. I was constantly refilling it and it broke pretty quick. I wouldn't recomend it. 

The torch I have has worked just fine for me but it's really for plumbing. Professional jewelers use a smaller flame with a bigger price.   
andy555514 years ago
When you pushed them together, did they just stay in place?
Mrballeng (author)  andy555514 years ago
Yes they stay in place but they won't stay in such an even arrangement without the solder.
huh, mine wont stay in arrangement.
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