Step 2: Decorate the Shrink Plastic

You can decorate your shrink plastic before weaving if you like. We're going to use 2 sheets of plastic to create the soap dish. If you want, you can think of one sheet as your "warp", and the other as your "weft".   The vertical strips would be your "warp", and the horizontal ones would be the "weft".

If you've selected the Ink Jet printable shrink plastic, you can print on both sides with your Ink Jet printer. Select and print any image you like.  I've created coordinating prints on my computer, and printed both sides of 2 pieces of white Ink Jet shrink plastic.
Another choice is to use the Frosted Ruff 'n Ready clear shrink plastic, which can be decorated with acrylic paints, permanent markers, and colored pencils. There are detailed instructions inside the package. I've created an ombre effect by putting dots of acrylic paint onto the rough side of the plastic, and using a paintbrush to spread it thinly across the plastic.

Congratulations on being a finalist in the fiber arts contest!! Good luck to you!
Check it out- night light!
You are so good...
Thank you honey :) <br>
What a cool way to make a soap dish! Nicely done.
Thanks for such a nice compliment!<br>

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