Step 4: Weaving

3) If you have cut separate 10" long warp (vertical) strips, you will want to line up the top ends of your strips against a ruler or a line on your cutting mat, and tape in place before you begin weaving. Place a strip of masking tape over the top edge of the straightened strips, overlapping by about 3/8".  This will hold the warp strips in place while you weave.
Take a "weft" (horizontal) strip, working it over then under each warp (vertical) strip across the row, pushing it up close to the top edge for your first row.

The next weft strip will be worked under, then over, alternating until you complete the row, pushing it up close to your first weft strip. This creates a basic weave. 
4) When you are done weaving, you can still add further decoration if you like. I drew birds and leaves on mine at this point before baking.  This is also the time to trim any ends, punch holes for hanging, etc. A basic paper hole punch works well for making holes.