Step 5: Baking and shaping

Picture of Baking and shaping
5) Remove the tape, place your woven piece on top of parchment paper, non-stick aluminum, or brown paper.
6) Place the tray in a pre-heated oven. Follow the instructions for baking. The Ink Jet printable sheets bake at 275-300 degrees. The Ruff n' Ready bakes at 325 degrees, with the rough frosted side up.
7) Your woven piece will curl up rather dramatically as it shrinks then will flatten out as the shrinking stops. In the event that it sticks to itself, you can put on an oven mitt to help flatten the plastic.  Your piece should have completed the shrinking process within a few minutes and is ready to remove from the oven.
8) In the first 10 seconds after removing your piece from the oven, you can use your oven mitt to flatten further, or bend the edges up slightly. You can also wrap the hot woven plastic over a bowl, bottle or cup to give it a unique curved shape.
...and if you change your mind on the shape, just pop it back into the oven for another 2-5 minutes and re-shape it when you take it out. 
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You are so good...