Woven Star





Introduction: Woven Star

This star is very similar to the Christmas Star I posted some days ago and just like that one, it can be made with plastic bags or paper from magazines or newspapers...or anything you can think of!

Step 1:

Take your piece of plastic (or paper) and divide it in at least 20 sections and cut them. I made them 22cm long (about 8.66 inches) and 2cm wide (about 0.79 inches).

Step 2:

Take one of them and fold it in half then glue it.
Do the same for all 20 strips.

Step 3:

Now take 5 strips and weave them with other 5 strips as you can see in the picture.
Glue them together to keep them still.
At first they will often move so you just need a little patience :)

Step 4:

For this step I made a scheme to help you understand so take a look at the pictures :)
Glue the tips of 5A with 5B together, then glue 4A with 4B.
Do the same for:
1A - 1D
2A - 2D
5D - 5C
4D - 4C
1C - 1B
2C - 2B

Once you understand how to do this for one angle, you will be able to do the same for all 4 angles.

The first side of the star is done!
Now take the 10 strips left and do the same thing you have just done to create another "half star".

Step 5:

All you have to do now is taking the two sides you have and put them together, one against the other. They must have the same sides facing. Rotate the one at the top to make them fit perfectly.

Insert the remaining strips in the other "half star" and glue the tips with the ones you glued together previously.

All this is harder to explain than to do so please look at the pictures, I hope it's easier to understand this way!

The star is DONE!!! :)



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    I love your star. I come from Denmark, and every December we would make paper Christmas decorations, string them on a "wire" strung up high in the living room as we made them until the 23th when we decorated the tree. Thank you for taking me back.

    Its really pretty star! I love it !!

    Oh yes, definitely, it depends on the point of view :D Thank you! :)

    Loved it. I'm doing one now out of some plastic tape I've got. Well done.

    It sounds great, have fun! And thank you! :)

    You could also use decorative duct tape and they come in many kind of styles. Just measure and rip it off, then fold it over onto itself. Cut to size if desired.

    Thanks for sharing! I love stars!!