With pressure built up from the election, my final midterms before Thanksgiving, and an upcoming race, I needed to scratch my itch and make something in the face of stress. And thus behold: a quick lamp made by weaving yarn around a wooden frame.

I'd been eyeing this parabolic string lamp for a while, and finally decided to squeeze in some laser cutting time in my schedule to create it. What I wanted to change from the original weave was the bunching of yarn in the cross-crossing, and after experimenting with different shapes and weaving patterns, I found something that suited my tastes (and perhaps yours as well?).

Step 1: Materials

  • yarn (I used some lightweight yarn that I had lying around, but most medium weight yarns or even crochet thread should work fine)
  • graphic design software to make your own files (Inkscape, which is free, works fine but I use Adobe Illustrator because I find it more user friendly)
  • my reference file (attached above)
  • glue
  • plywood (I used eighth inch wood)
  • laser cutter (If you don't have immediate access to a laser cutter, fear not! There are quite a few online laser cutting services that aren't too costly, such as ponoko.)
  • light source (I just used a simple LED push light from IKEA that I happened to have, but dimensions could be altered to match what you have)

My file for cutting 0.125" plywood (for a lamp that's roughly 4"x4"x4" -- not cubic though) is attached to this step, but alternatively, the next 5 steps will walk you through how to design your own files (accommodate different size lamps, shapes, etc.); then in step 7 I start going over how to assemble the lamp.

Good instructable, keep up the good work!
<p>Thank you for the encouragement! :D</p>
This looks AWESOME!!!
<p>Thank you for your kind comment! </p>

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