Picture of Woven paracord bracelet/watchband
This tutorial will show how to make a paracord bracelet or watch band using a weaving method. More knot work with releated links and resources can be seen on my blog page, Stormdrane's Blog.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

For this project, you'll need approximately 10 feet of paracord, scissors, lighter, tape measure, hemostats, watch, and a 5/8" side release buckle. I used a 5/8" ITW Nexus contoured side release buckle, but you can use other less expensive ones like those found at Creative Designworks.

Paracord can be found at local Army/Navy stores or from various online sources: Supply Captain, Lighthound, ebay, etc...

The actual amount of paracord that will be used depends on your wrist size, cord, and tying technique(tight/loose). My wrist is about 8.5 inches and I actually used around 8 or 9 feet after finishing the bracelet/watchband. So using 10 feet is usually a safe estimate for most folks, since having too much cord is better than coming up short when making your project.

*If making a watchband, the watch needs to have about 5/8" space between the lugs(where the watch pins go) so that 5 strands of paracord will fit.

Step 2: To begin

Picture of To begin
Measure about 20 inches from one end of your length of paracord. This is where you'll loop onto one end of your side release buckle. Once attached, you'll have the longer section which will be your working end and the shorter end which is just attached to the buckle ends and will be tucked in when finishing the bracelet/watchband.
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alexzero13 made it!1 hour ago

Thanks for the tutorial! I made mine with a buckle that has a whistle which I can store 4 strike anywhere matches inside. That was fun!

BDP0110 days ago
Hi, could you make an instructable / have you done one of these with a watch and a slip on button compass?
Stormdrane (author)  BDP0110 days ago

I have used slip-on compasses with various paracord bracelet patterns, and if you want one with a watch, you just leave space for it on the paracord watchband when you tie it.

Since there are many different brands/styles of slip-on compasses, some may have more room to run paracord through their attachment points than others, affecting how they may fit with different paracord bracelet/watchband patterns. The pattern in this instructable has a number of strands that may require running a couple of them under or out to the sides of the compass if all won't fit through it.

Most compasses are magnetically affected by batteries and metal in watches, so they should be held at least a couple of feet away from them to get a good/accurate reading, so I'd recommend they type of compasses that can be easily removed and reattached with a watchband.

rmatsuoka made it!29 days ago


It is paracord 1.9m

Recoil Rob1 month ago

One more thing I did was to trim off the extra "keeper bar" from the male side of the buckle. It isn't as thick as the main bar so for strength I went around the main bar.

D-hannah221 month ago
What kind of watch is that?
Stormdrane (author)  D-hannah221 month ago

The one in the tutorial is a Timex ReefGear(Expedition), although a model from fifteen years ago. If you're asking about the watch in the comments from Recoil Rob, that one is a County Comm model. ;)

Ok thanks my next project is a parawatch and I can't find a watch I like besides the one you used and a couple others posted. I can't decide on analog or digital either it would be used hiking and outdoors alot
Recoil Rob1 month ago

I redid mine a bit larger and it came out fitting just how I like it. I stripped the inner strands out to get a softer strap, you have to be a bit more careful with tightening strands but I like it, especially the taper from lugs to buckle.

Stormdrane (author)  Recoil Rob1 month ago
Looks great! :)
Recoil Rob1 month ago

Another shot...thanks Stormdrane, I've been looking for a strap for this Maratac Mid Pilot for a while and I was able to make myself the strap I wanted.

delrod ii made it!1 month ago
good pattern. I am planning on making a belt following the same pattern.
godzillatango2 months ago

Made it after two tries. Love my new watch bracelet! Thanks for sharing the instruction.

110RPM made it!3 months ago
pot2.pogi6 months ago

I want to make one of these but I'm a little bit confuse. Is it a shoe lace or a different kind of cord? Where can I buy these? Anyone :D

hobby lobby usually caries them

You can also go to your nearest Army Navy store, craft store usually cary it too.

Stormdrane (author)  pot2.pogi6 months ago
Paracord, also called 550 cord, was used for this bracelet/watchband instructable. There are many different online vendors that sell it, so shop around to find a fair price and good quality cord that delivers to your location.
rhea.caballes made it!4 months ago

Thank you for the idea. Here's my version:

rsmigielski5 months ago
Love it! my Timex watch band cracked and your paracord instructions are excellent. thanks.
mbonds1 made it!8 months ago

Thanks for the instructable! It made this an easy project!

tbraznell mbonds15 months ago

How did you manage to tie the non-Dee end of the band? I'm struggling trying to translate the work above to this type of adjustable shackle.

cgoloby mbonds18 months ago

where did you get that type of clip and what's it called?

mbonds1 cgoloby8 months ago

I got it on eBay. It's a stainless steel shackle, usually in outdoor sports category.

tamas.varga.5817 made it!5 months ago

Done! Thanks for the detailed instructions. Fits perfect!

goodall977 months ago
good instructions but I used the king cobra knot
armbena7 months ago
esta super fácil!! muchas gracias por el aporte!!
Broberg8 months ago

Looks Awesome!!! Made one myself and used an old clip from an ACH!

WendyT72 made it!9 months ago

This is so comfortable! Thanks for the great Ible!

sfisher141 made it!9 months ago

Thanks for the easy to follow instructions. I made this band for my husband, and it came out awesome!

Lykastor10 months ago

Great, thanks!!!!

printrbot93210 months ago
What watch did you use?
Stormdrane (author)  printrbot93210 months ago

I used my Timex Reef Gear for the example shown in the instructable.

pzcshc11 months ago

Turned out fantastic....the for the great instructions!!

abates71 year ago

This was my first try and it was great! Very easy read, thanks. I have people constantly asking me where I got my watch. The also tell me I should sell them on the internet! Cracks me up, I forward them to your instructable. Thanks again, easy to do.

amanriquez-sandoval made it!1 year ago

This was a great tutorial. Thank you!

mbuseck made it!1 year ago

Great project completed it in about 35 mins looks great. Abit tricky to get the size just right had to do it twice. now for the watch band!

Really Loved this I'm going to do this with my grandkids as a group project. Thank You

Ryanoxpqz1 year ago
Thank you! I now know slightly more information than I did yesterday!
Ryanoxpqz1 year ago
I know I might sound stupid, but what is a fob?
Stormdrane (author)  Ryanoxpqz1 year ago
Here are some entries for 'fob' from wikipedia:

Fob pocket, a small pocket in trousers or waistcoats originally intended to hold a pocket watch

Key fob, a medallion used to identify a key ring, or position on the ring

Watch fob, a medallion or ornament attached to a pocket watch to assist in handling

So, a paracord 'fob', is usually a short, sometimes decorative bit of knot work added to an item, flashlight, keychain, knife, etc., to aid in identification, and/or grip in holding or retreiving the item from a pocket.  It differs from a lanyard, which is usually longer and secures an item, worn around the wrist/neck, or attached to a person or piece of gear by means of a knot or attachment clip/swivel/hook/carabiner/etc... Hope that helps. ;)
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