Step 1: Supplies

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For this project, you'll need approximately 10 feet of paracord, scissors, lighter, tape measure, hemostats, watch, and a 5/8" side release buckle. I used a 5/8" ITW Nexus contoured side release buckle, but you can use other less expensive ones like those found at Creative Designworks.

Paracord can be found at local Army/Navy stores or from various online sources: Supply Captain, Lighthound, ebay, etc...

The actual amount of paracord that will be used depends on your wrist size, cord, and tying technique(tight/loose). My wrist is about 8.5 inches and I actually used around 8 or 9 feet after finishing the bracelet/watchband. So using 10 feet is usually a safe estimate for most folks, since having too much cord is better than coming up short when making your project.

*If making a watchband, the watch needs to have about 5/8" space between the lugs(where the watch pins go) so that 5 strands of paracord will fit.

BLUEBLOBS23 years ago
Is that a Zippo lighter?
Stormdrane (author)  BLUEBLOBS23 years ago
It's a Zippo lighter body with a Z-plus butane torch insert.
Did you use a Flat Side Release Buckle or a Curved Side Release Buckle???
Stormdrane (author)  misses_soulful5 years ago
I used a curved(contoured) side release buckle, but you can use a flat one.
Where can you find the buckles pretty cheap, and that takes paypal besides Ebay?

Stormdrane (author)  nclark83 years ago
As linked in the instructable: Creative Designworks
how long are these buckles? I found that 3/4" is going to be ugly long, like it will cover one side of my hand, if I'd want to make 3/4" watch band. 
Stormdrane (author)  Teknix5 years ago
The Length of the ITW Nexus curved buckle, used in the tutorial, is about 1.75" long.  You can use a slightly smaller 1/2" buckle instead.
Awesome! Thanks! I ordered the contoured one, it made sense to. Thank you so much for making this tutorial! I will let you know how it turns out :)
What use is this when you don't tell us where to get the watch without a band!
jdebaun5 years ago
If you are in a hurry, i wouldn't recommend Supply Captain for paracord. I ordered some paracord on May 11 and finally got it on June 8.
Interesting... I ordered 6 100ft hanks from Supply Captain on July 2, and recieved it on July 5th. Thats including the Holiday.
Gunner78005 years ago
I think I'm going to use this braid to make a should strap for my binoculars.  I figure the strap should be right around 3' or less in length.  Do you think using the 10' of paracord for 9" of braid is an accurate enough length estimate for this weave?  That would give me a cord length of about 40'.  Also, how wide is the finished bracelet?  It looks like it's about 3/4" to 1".

BTW...very well written and easy to follow tutorial.
Stormdrane (author)  Gunner78005 years ago
For a binocular strap, I would overestimate what I think I'd need and work with a 50 foot length of paracord.  The core strands alone for that longer length could use a dozen feet of cord.  It can be very aggravating to put a lot of time into a project and realize close to the end that you don't have enough cord to finish.

For a consistent tight weave with paracord, the width is between 3/4" and 1", or 7/8", which is a good width for a strap.