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Measure about 20 inches from one end of your length of paracord. This is where you'll loop onto one end of your side release buckle. Once attached, you'll have the longer section which will be your working end and the shorter end which is just attached to the buckle ends and will be tucked in when finishing the bracelet/watchband.
love the instruct stormdrane, you have the dest paracord instructables on here. but one color is kind of bland, could you spice it up a little and make it 2 colors while still weaving it like that?
Stormdrane (author)  #OccupyInstruct3 years ago
The weaving method with a single strand is meant to be done with a single color of cord, but you can tie a bracelet/watchband that looks like a similar pattern using two colors with the 'ladder rack' or 'trilobyte' knots.  I do not have a tutorial using those methods, but someone else may...
thanks for the help!
Could you possibly use a monkeys fist instead of a buckle
Stormdrane (author)  crazypenguin4 years ago
Some folks use a knot and loop closure instead of a side release buckle for various paracord bracelets, but a monkey fist is going to be a bit on the large size with the bracelet. A smaller lanyard knot can also be used, as can beads or buttons. It comes down to what you're comfortable with. YMMV
if i were to but a smaller knot on or button how would i do it to where i could still get the style of weaving you use? i just cant see how i could do it and still get four strands.
Stormdrane (author)  crazypenguin4 years ago
It would be complicated, laying out the cord as if the side release buckle ends were there, and weave from there. You'd really need to do it with a cork board and pins to hold everything in place, or set up a board with nails at a specific length... It could be done differently, but that would require a whole tutorial in itself, to replicate the same method I used, without using buckles...

You could try following the 'ladder rack knot' tutorial, on khww.net, which is for a lanyard/fob, but can be made longer as a bracelet, and it looks similar to the woven style.

There's really just unlimited variables when making variations of paracord bracelets, and with all the existing knots to use or combinations of them, it comes down to doing a lot of experimenting to make one that works for you. YMMV ;)
that website you recommended would work you would just need really long loops for wrist length. thanks for sharing the website that should help.
sub5567 years ago
The pictures are too small, is it possible to make them bigger?
Stormdrane (author)  sub5567 years ago
Click on the smaller pictures and they get take the place of the larger one displayed above them.