Step 2: To begin

Measure about 20 inches from one end of your length of paracord. This is where you'll loop onto one end of your side release buckle. Once attached, you'll have the longer section which will be your working end and the shorter end which is just attached to the buckle ends and will be tucked in when finishing the bracelet/watchband.
Here is how I did mine, thanks guys.....
<p>This one is seriously awesome.</p>
<p>Hi, have you tried doing a band on those watches with very little space between the pins and the body?</p><p>Have a few of these sport watches and would love to replace the bands</p><p>Cheers</p>
I had to improvise, but like the other guy was saying it might be easier to make two separate bands, one for each side
For watches with thinner attachment sections, I've used gutted paracord, and done two piece watchbands to work with those type watches. You just have to experiment with different paracord designs and options base on the variety of watches out there.
<p>I put one of these on my pebble and it works great! great instructions! i like how its semi modular so if I were to get a new watch i could put it on and make few to no adjustments</p>
<p>Hello, I'm looking for this exact band that is functional with a fitbit tracker as my original is both broken and I don't like the look. Have you made one?</p>
<p>Maybe try using micro paracord? I made a women's watch band with that and it turned out nice.Should work for smaller spaces between lugs. </p>
<p>Great. Thanks for you tutorial.</p><p>Best regards</p>
<p>Got it on the second try. I think I used a full 10' of cord. It took a bit of finesse to get the weave nice and tight, but it was well worth the effort. Thanks for posting this instructable! </p>
This instructable is spot on. The lengths and photos are exactly the ones you need if you want to do this as your first paracord proyect. Congratulations
<p>I followed the instructions and both bracelets came out perfectly. You'll notice I added a compass to the watch band; that can be helpful!</p>
So done loved the instructions fun project for the survivor
<p>I didn't have any paracord left, however I had lots of 3mm leather thong, so I decided to give this a go with that instead. Then I had no buckle, so had to build a makeshift buckle from 2x D-rings (1 of them I bashed into circle shape that fits through the other D). Added a chopped up fishing hook as the post for the buckle &amp; off we go. Works well, although I could have added an extra inch or so to the length.</p>
Nicely done!
<p>Thanks to a very well done Instructable :)</p>
Nice and easy instructions. Thanks.
Xmas gift for my love . <br>Thanks , this tutorial is perfect.
<p>Very Nice</p>
<p>This is really nice, I'll definitely try to do this.</p>
<p>Oh, very cool. And not that easy to do, but yet cool ;) I will make it a Christmas gift for my brother. He's in military forces now and would love that. As a pleasant extra gift I will present him a turbo key chain http://www.offroadpowergear.com/collections/turbo-keychain-section - very neat and useful thing for man! </p>
<p>Dear,</p><p>just I can thanks a lot </p>
<p>Finished in 45 Minutes. perfect manual. Thanks!</p>
<p>Finished! - My goal was to make this project as slim and functional as possible. Both the watch hands and paracord strap glows in the dark. I used a 1/2 inch buckle by mistake but I made it work. This buckle has a built-in fire-starter, whistle, and even a compass! Not sure if I'm allowed to do this in the comments, but here is a link for the buckle:</p><p><a href="http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-1-2-Paracord-Buckles-Flint-Fire-Starter-Striker-Whistle-Compass-USA-Bracelet-/201409732937?hash=item2ee4f4a149" rel="nofollow">http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-1-2-Paracord-Buckles-Fli...</a></p>
<p>I made this, came out pretty nice. I took a picture as I started to untie it, I need to shorten it up a bit. I think I'm also going to redo in two pieces, like a few others have. It'll reduce the 'humping' or 'shouldering' I'm getting as it comes off the watch bolsters.</p>
<p>Made one for myself today. Added two little skull beads on each side to make it a little more personalized, but I love it. A bit of a challenge at first but I feel quite accomplished</p>
Can i ask where you found some skull beads for paracord
Craft store near me A.C. Moore, pack of 3 beads for about $2.50
<p>You guys inspire me. Thanks for this post!!! <br><br>Thank you Stormdrane. </p>
Wasn't too hard at all . The only difficulty was tying the knots loose in the beginning and tightening them up a few rows at a time . I thought the knots were too tight when finishing it up but all went well . Thanks (=^*^=)
<p>Wow, now this is an awesome idea!</p>
<p>not long finished this, great wee project, quite tricky to get it to sit even at first but kind of got there in the end. this was attempt no. 3</p>
<p>I just finished the watch band for my Invicta after the band broke a few months ago . It is already more to my liking</p>
<p>I made it, but don't have a picture because even though I added the extra inch, I need about an inch and a half ... I think it is because of the curve it takes over the back of the watch. Redoing it and then I will take a pic.</p>
<p>would it be possible to make this weaving over four individual strands, or does it have to be an odd number?</p>
<p>were did u get your watch face at</p>
Great instructable, thanks!
Easy peasy
It's not the same weave, but I've finally replaced my broken down watch band! I also decided to make two separate pieces so that the battery compartment is accessible.
<p>Thanks for the tutorial! I made mine with a buckle that has a whistle which I can store 4 strike anywhere matches inside. That was fun!</p>
Hi, could you make an instructable / have you done one of these with a watch and a slip on button compass?
<p>I have used slip-on compasses with various paracord bracelet patterns, and if you want one with a watch, you just leave space for it on the paracord watchband when you tie it. </p><p>Since there are many different brands/styles of slip-on compasses, some may have more room to run paracord through their attachment points than others, affecting how they may fit with different paracord bracelet/watchband patterns. The pattern in this instructable has a number of strands that may require running a couple of them under or out to the sides of the compass if all won't fit through it.</p><p>Most compasses are magnetically affected by batteries and metal in watches, so they should be held at least a couple of feet away from them to get a good/accurate reading, so I'd recommend they type of compasses that can be easily removed and reattached with a watchband.</p>
<p>Thanks!</p><p>It is paracord 1.9m</p>

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