Woven Ribbon-wrapped Bangles





Introduction: Woven Ribbon-wrapped Bangles

Make these elegant arm candy for less than $5.00 in less than 15 minutes!

I usually go to thrift stores to get my fresh supply of vintage beads but, nowadays, plastic bangles are the first things I see. Like my Embroidery Thread Wrapped bangles project, this one took only three materials and about fifteen minutes to make. I already had a duo-toned ribbon on hand but you can opt to use two different coloured ribbons. The bangles came in a set of three for just $1.99. Altogether, I estimate the cost of these bangles came to about $5.00. Awesome, right? Check out the full picture tutorial if you'd like to give this a try.

What you need:
Plastic bangle
Ribbon A - long enough to wrap around your bangle
Ribbon B - about 24"

1. Measure ribbon A so that it's long enough to wrap around your bangle.
2. Glue one end of the ribbon onto the bangle and let dry completely.
3. Glue one end of ribbon B at the same place as ribbon A but on the inside of the bangle.
4. Wrap ribbon A outwards around the bangle and over ribbon B.
5. Then continue wrapping around the bangle but bring it under ribbon B.
6. Continue wrapping ribbon B while alternating going over and under ribbon  B - this will produce the woven effect.
7. Once you've gone completely around the bangle, snip of the access on ribbon A and glue it down.
8. Snip off the access on ribbon B and glue it onto the inside of the bangle.



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    I just love the ribbon you used! It looks great with that design! Do you happen to remember to brand or where you got it?

    Glad you like it! The brand is May Arts but I don't know what this design is called. I got it from a local wholesaler but the ribbon is made in Taiwan so you might be able to find it online. I hope that helps!

    Awesome! Thanks, looks like they have some pretty cool designs :)