Picture of Woven together Valentine
This is a Valentine's Day card with a woven, two-color Celtic Heart Knot on the front, each color coming in from opposite sides to represent the two people in a relationship. This card was inspired by and adapted from the Celtic Heart Knot video presented by J. D. Lenzen of He has an excellent video on his Tying It All Together Youtube channel, showing how to tie this knot with a single rope. I recommend watching this video to see the knot in action before trying to tie the knot on the card. This is his video tutorial:
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1 8 1/2" x 11" white cardstock
1 4 1/2" x 7" white cardstock
1 4 5/8" x 7 3/16" black cardstock
1 5 3/4" x 8 3/4" white envelope
1 48" - 62" red 550lb paracord
1 48" - 62" black 550lb paracord
1 safety pin
1 black pen or marker
super glue
glue stick

Not pictured:

Step 2: Remove core strands from paracord

Picture of Remove core strands from paracord
Remove the seven strand core from both the black and red paracord lengths. These strands are most likely going to be conspicuously sticking out of one or the other end of your paracord. If your paracord ends happen to be singed to prevent fraying, you may want to cut off half an inch or so to expose the core strands. If you still can't see them, try rubbing the cord in between your fingers, or sliding the whole length between your fingers. The white strands will peak out at some point. Pull these until they are all the way out. Discard the strands or use them in some other capacity.

Step 3: Iron paracord lengths

Picture of Iron paracord lengths
Iron both the black and red paracord lengths until as flat as they'll go. Since the paracord is made out of nylon and can melt, you will want to use a fairly low iron setting. I successfully used the #2 (for nylon/silk) and #3 (for polyester/rayon) settings on my iron.

I made this for my wife. I changed it a bit though.

I made the heart with the two strands, but then with the single strand for you and me. I made those into hearts as well. I also change the text to: Two Hearts Woven Together for Eternity.

If anyone wants to see a picture I change post one.

I only did the Knott
bryanrupp1 year ago
would shoestring work as well? I can't find any paracord locally.....n it's too close to Valentine's day to get some online.......
This is honestly one of the coolest couple things ive seen
Thank you very much!
Sorry, but coming from a country where imperial measurements aren't even taught I have no idea what lengths of paracord I need! :P Would you be able to advise how long these measurements are (e.g. 48 inches or 1.21 metres)? Thanks a lot!
mistyp (author)  anonymouse1972 years ago

I'm not 100% sure what you're asking for, since you already know that 48 inches is about 1.21 meters? To give yourself plenty of wiggle room, I'd probably got with 1.5 meters.

I apologize for my American-centric viewpoint!
Ah that's alright, thanks a lot. No don't worry, I hadn't quite realised that it was one 48 inch length rather than a length of 1 48 inches, which I hadn't come across.

Thanks for the clarification!
Sorry, but coming from a country where imperial measurements aren't even taught I have no idea what lengths of paracord I need! :P Would you be able to advise how long these measurements are (e.g. 48 inches or 1.21 metres)? Thanks a lot!
Nicely done...and PERFECTLY timed. The Mrs. was being particularly coy this year about what to get her, so I think between this and few Celtic Heart pendants, I should at lest get the A for effort :D
mistyp (author)  MidnighToker3 years ago
I wish you well on your quest for that A!
Got the A :D LOL

I do have to say though...this was a hell of a lot harder than I thought at first glance. Had tied the knot dozens of times before, but keeping the 2 parallel is a MUCH different story. Thanks again for the Ible. Realized real quick that it was much different weave using the 2 and would have been lost without it.
mistyp (author)  MidnighToker3 years ago
Good job on the A :-) I hope you were richly rewarded!

Keeping the two parallel is definitely a challenge! I retied it dozens of times myself trying to find the simplest way to explain it to others. But that's the whole point of the Ibles--translating hard-earned experience so others don't have to expend as much effort!
minicdan3 years ago
I couldn't find 550lb paracode at lowe's and sears, where did everyone find it?
mistyp (author)  minicdan3 years ago
I have gotten mine at and, but Tying It All Together (whose video I linked to) has a 10% off deal here:
check with your local army/navy store. That's where I get mine. Here it is about about $8 for 50 feet and they carry a bunch of different colors. The store here also has clasps for making bracelets.
Terranan3 years ago
Awesome instructable!! Glad to be the first to rate it! :D
mistyp (author)  Terranan3 years ago
Thanks much!
Spydamonky3 years ago
What diameter is is 550lb cord? Please reply quickly I need to post this soon, as South Africa's postal service isn't the quickest :). Thanks for the instrucable, great idea and execution!
mistyp (author)  Spydamonky3 years ago
I'm not sure what you mean by diameter? Of the unflattened cord? It's about 3/16ths of an inch or about 4mm. If you do a search on 550 cord there are plenty of options.
msutton13 years ago
Just finished mine in time for Valentine's Day! Awesome instructable!! Rather easy to make and much easier thanks to your well written comments and slides! I look forward to seeing (and attempting!) other things you have! Thanks!! :D
mistyp (author)  msutton13 years ago
Hey, great job! I haven't actually seen anyone else's product, so I was just taking it on faith that the instructions were good enough :-) I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I hope your honey likes it!
I have someone, that while we aren't "together" (never have been and probably never will be) have a very special bond that's stronger than any couple I know of due to a shared hardship. I have been going nuts trying to find a valentines gift that would be appropriate and really show what our bond means to me. And I just found it!

While I would never get her just a card, she adores handmade things. And this she will absolutely adore.

mistyp (author)  lordgarion5143 years ago
I'm glad to be able to help in such a special situation!

This can be adapted to be more than just a card. I have used a deep frame with a deep matting to mount the knot, and did a 3D pop out of the words. I have attached a picture of it, albeit before the glass was put on so it doesn't look quite as good as it did when it was done. That might give you another idea, though!

I, too, have a beau apart from me--I think the next one I post you will also find useful as a gift for your love. All of these get sent to him before I make a tutorial out of them :-)
amandaggogo3 years ago
This is adorable!
mistyp (author)  amandaggogo3 years ago
BarginsTech3 years ago
I learned from that video too! I made a three heart chain using an old ipod charger chord and it was the cutest geeky thing id ever made xD
also great idble!!! :D so cute!
mistyp (author)  BarginsTech3 years ago
The ipod charger chain sounds super sweet! Thanks for liking the instrucable!