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Introduction: Woven Yarn Bangles

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In this instructable, I will show you how to make these bangles. I hope you like it!

Step 1: What Do You Need

To make these bracelets, you will need the following

- three colours of yarn
- basic bangles
- glue
- sciccors
- a little bit of wire (5 cm/ 2inches will be more than enough)

Step 2: Cut the Yarn

Cut all three colours of yarn at the same length.

Step 3: Knotting and Starting to Weave

Knot the three pieces of yarn to one of the bracelets. Don't knot it too tight, it needs to be removed later
Then, take the other bracelet and start weaving the yarn between the two bangles, going under and over and under and over (or look at the pictures)

Now there are two options: 

- continue like this for a while and go to step five
- look at the other technique for this, explained in step four and THEN go to step five

Step 4: The Other Technique

This technique makes it easier to keep the colours in the right order, and once you get it, it will be faster.

Make sure the side of the yarn you are working with is turned up (You can turn the bangle)

Then, from the hand at the same side as the already woven part, take your thumb and put it under the yarn (or: put the yarn over  your thumb)
Let the threads go between the two bangles, just make sure to keep them in the right order. Next, pull the yarn through the bangle and remove your thumb. Now you can pull it tight.

Step 5: Work Away the Beginning

When you have woven for a while, it's time to remove the knot. 

First of all, remove the knot.
Then, weave the beginning like you did with the other side of the bracelet, but put glue underneath the thread.

For the last part, apply a large amount of glue, put the yarn in it and cut the yarn.

Step 6: Keep Weaving

Just go back to the other side now and keep weaving.

When there are a few centimeters left, go to step 7.

Step 7: Glue. Again.

When you are almost done, do the same thing as you did when working away the beginning: Put glue under the yarn.

You may find it difficult to get the yarn through the bangles, since the space between there has become a bit smal. 
Here is where the wire can help you. Take the piece and bend it into a U.
You can use it as shown in the picures.

At the last spot left of the bangles, put glue, a LOT of glue. Cut the yarn when it is at the inside of the bangle, just as with the beginning.
This will give the bangle a much better finished look.

Step 8: It's Finished :D

Well, that's it!
You have made your very own bangle, using two bangles (sounds pretty weird actually)

I hope you liked this project :)



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    Great project! Thanks for sharing....

    Very cute!! By looking at the finished bangles I thought the process would be complicated. It surprised me to see how simple it is to make them. Thanks for sharing!!

    Hi, love the fab bangles!! I do have a question, do you have to use yarn or can you use cross stitch floss?? I have a ton of floss, but no yarn. Thanks, Janet

    These are gorgeous! Will be adding to my long list of dream projects for way down the road! Thanks for the Instructable!

    They are beautiful and look easy to make. Adding this to my favorites. I wonder if using a yarn needle would make it faster and easier?