Step 45: Eye Lid removal

Picture of Eye Lid removal
headprep 043.jpg
headprep 042.jpg
Once the new Elvinator eye is finished set it to the side. Now the next step is to remove the eye lid from the eye assembly.

Eyelid Removal

  OK, this is a little tricky, but it must be done. I have not taken the proper pictures in this process but I'll try to explain it the best that I can.
First on the right side of the eyelid you'll see C clip holding down the eyelid. Remove this clip and hang on to it. Next remove the pin that held the C clip on. Once this is removed keep the pin and the eye plate handy to the side. Next you'll see the white lever arm on the left side of the eyelid. This is held in by a screw in the back where the motor is, remove this screw and place it in your extra screw bottle. Next remove the pins that hold in the left side of the eyelid section using a flat screwdriver or a pair of side cutters and pull these pins out. Once this is done remove the plastic lever arm and put that in your collections box. Once the eyelid is removed you need to return to the right side and attach the eye bracket back on, use a #4 washer for the extra spacing you just removed from the eyelid. Once this is done reinstall the larger push pin back into the nose frame to keep the eye socket moving correctly. All other parts are left over see the photo with the eyelid and parts on the table. These are the components you'll have left over after the removal of the eye.