Picture of Wrap Beats - Capsense Arduino Instrument
Wrap Beats is an instrument that lets you string together notes in order to create different melodies and visual patterns. I constructed it using the Capacitive sensing library for Arduino and combining that with the music abilities of processing to create a dynamic instrument that can change sounds as you play it.

The circular design of the object as well as the notes is completely a personal choice you could put this together in many different ways and I would love to see different creations people come up with!!


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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Technical Materials
  1. Arduino
  2. Resistors
    Anything between 1 MΩ - 4.7 MΩ is usable.
    You will require a resistor for each note you plan on having I have 7 notes and 3 optional keys that allow you to change the instrument, but you could have anywhere between 1 - 11 notes when using an Arduino Uno, If you have another model you can create as many notes as the digital pins will allow!
  3. Copper Tape / Wires
  4. Conductive Thread
  5. Nails
    Or anything conductive that is in a similar shape that you will be able to wrap the thread around
  6. Soldering Iron + Solder
Optional Materials
(These are materials I used to create how the instrument looks, but not necessary for the outcome of the technical side working)
  1. Hot glue gun
  2. Form Core Board
  3. X-acto Knife
  4. Compass
  5. Masking Tape (very useful when soldering and putting together the circuit with copper tape)
  6. Different coloured threads

would love to see the demo video for this... it's not working for me though :(

vbhootna1 year ago
video plz
querry431 year ago
Wait, you literally string beats together with thread? You gotta post that video, it sounds awesome!