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When I first saw Chan Luu wrap bracelets, I was pretty excited.  Until I saw the price tag ($200+)! 

These bracelets are great since they look like bangles but are much more comfortable.  Because it is so long, it has a certain amount of flexibility to be worn as a necklace or anklet as well.  It was very simple to make, and mine cost less than $15 in supplies and only took a few hours.  The color combinations are endless - have fun with it!  
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
All you need for this bracelet is:

Leather cord (or any sturdy, thin cord): First figure out how many wraps you want to make.  Measure that distance, double it, and add around 4' extra for the loops at the end.  I found that four wraps on my wrist perfectly matched three wraps on my ankle, whereas five wraps on my wrist didn't work as an anklet.  I needed roughly 2 yards.
Beads: I used 4mm faceted czech glass beads.  This online vendor seems to have a good selection, but any bead store would have these, and of course any type of bead will work!  Similar bracelets I've seen use smaller beads than this, closer to 3mm.
Nylon thread
Beading needle: traditional or a separated eye style depending on the thickness of your nylon thread and size of beads.
Button: the kind with a loop in back vs holes works best.

crimay2 hours ago

Has anyone had any luck with faux leather cord or using hemp cord? I would love to make these as gifts for the holidays but without animal products. Thanks!

the reason Chan Luu is so expensive, they use semi-precious stones and gold/sterling silver plated beads. I will give this a try myself with semi-precious stones and beads, see what happens.

Teri22 made it!2 months ago

I'm so glad I found this site! Thank you so much for the awesome instructions....I made these in the last 2 days and it was so fun.....I'm going to make a ton!!!

wrap bracelet 1.jpgwrap bracelet 2.jpgwrap bracelet 3.jpg
geitastirr made it!7 months ago

Photo proof added ;) Isn't the dragon button the cutest?

Natalina (author)  geitastirr7 months ago


geitastirr7 months ago

Thank you for this 'ible, it was really nice and easy to follow - I've made two of these, and will definitely be making more! I found that using the flame of a candle to (carefully!) melt the strands of nylon thread on the knots (my beads were not big enough to hide the knots inside them) made the bracelet more comfortable to wear as you got rid of the prickly ends.

outofyurworld made it!9 months ago
Turned out great! I definitely suggest not making the stitches extra tight; It looks good at the moment but later the beads will be all bunched up. Took about 6 hours for me to complete.
Natalina (author)  outofyurworld9 months ago
Nice work, looks great!
These are so pretty! Can't wait to try.
jenliedkie1 year ago
I make these as well....found these two things reall\y helped:

1. try using two on each end..makes it easy to keep the tension even
2. I use a piece of styrofioam as a base and use pins to hold the bracelet still while you are working on it. you can move the bracelet up as you progress. put the bins in the space between the cord and the beads.

they go quick and they are great to make !
Natalina (author)  jenliedkie1 year ago
Awesome, thanks for the tips!
xie1 year ago
I'm excited to make this! Roughly about how many beads did you need for your bracelet? I'm trying to determine how many to order. Thanks!
Natalina (author)  xie1 year ago
Hi xie!

I measured the beads at the store and did the math from there. The 4mm oblong ones I bought are about 1/8" wide, and I made my bracelet around 30", so I bought 240 and ended up using less than that. I would first determine the total length you need (depending on how many wraps you want and the size of your wrist) and see if you can determine the rough width of the beads you are ordering from the website, and go from there!
Thank you for this awesome 'ible! Your directions and pictures are very clear and understandable. I can't wait to get some started next week with some of my students! Great job - keep 'em comin'!
MKosterich1 year ago
Gorgeous! I need to make myself one of these.
momm1 year ago
so simple but sooo lovely thank you for sharing (loving the polish too)
branchym1 year ago
This is cool I will try this with my older students
Karinsart1 year ago
Really clear and well done instructions. I'm looking forward to making these for my nieces, because as you mentioned, that price tag was shocking! Thanks for this Instructable!
I have got to try this really simple and I love the final look, this is added to my list of things to make for sure, :)