Wrap Around Workbench Under $100





Introduction: Wrap Around Workbench Under $100

I am not a carpenter or a professional in any sort of way.  I took the ideas of several other instructables on this website, designed my own design and am here to post my project for you. 

Step 1: Step 1

The first thing you will need to do is figure out how big you want your bench to be.  I made mine 6 ft wide so that when I bought my 3/4" ply wood top, I wouldn't have as many scrap materials.  With that being said, here is my material list:

4 - 4x4x10
8 - 2x4x10
1 - 4x8 ply wood sheet cut into (3x2, 3x2, 1.5x4, 1.5x4, 2x4)
1 - box of 2" wood screws
1 - box of 3/4" wood screws
1 - 2x4 peg board
1 - peg board starter kit pegs

Total $98.00 @ Home Depot

Step 2: Step 2

Cut 4x4x10 into 40 inch sections.

Step 3: Step 3

Next, I made the template for the top of my bench.  Using the 2" wood screws, I screwed the boards onto the tops of the 40" tall 4x4 legs.  The back is 6 ft, the sides are 4ft and the front is 1 1/2 ft each.

You can see in the fourth picture, I placed the two center 4x4 inside the center section.  I did this for two reasons...first, so that I would have a solid surface for the top in the center, and second, so that I could brace the bottom of the legs and make it more sturdy.  You will see in the next step.

PS - I lost a clamp in the making of this project :(

Step 4: Step 4

Now, do the same exact thing for the bottom.  I kept the bottom braces about 6" off the ground.  This way I could have a footrest that I could reach and/or add a shelf later.  Included in this plan is an extra piece of ply wood to add shelving, but I didn't install it in this instructable.  I have not decided yet which side I want it on and where I will put my things yet.

Last, add the top.  I used the 3/4" wood screws for the top surface. 

You are all done!

You will have some extra 2/x4 left over - use this to build a frame for your peg board!



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    this is a great design, i love the wrap around idea
    i'm gonna build one of these but a hell of a lot bigger

    Great workbench. But I think that the middle section of the bench is too wide and it would be hard to reach to your tools, also the peg board should be centered. But it might just be the angle that makes it look like the pegboard is too far away.

    Has inspired me to rip out the hideously bodged area in my garage and get my tools organised - I can never find anything. I may need to fit drawers though.

    Thank you everyone for your compliments and kind words! I am so Honored to have each of you take the time to give your praise, ideas, and improvements. I hope it inspires you to make something great!

    That is a great-looking table. It is made even greater by the prominent position of the Colorado license plate.

    Awesome job. Can you clue us into which 'ibles you used for inspiration?

    Top idea and I am going to build one similar to yours but it will have a dual purpose.

    Firstly I am going to put castors ( two will be locking ones) on the legs so I can move it around.

    Secondly the height will be the same height as my table saw so I can turn it into an Outfeed Table.
    I already have two work tables, one of which is a dedicated mitre saw table so I don't need to fix any machines to it.

    Great Instructable and a well thought out and constructed project too.

    Do you have an accute case of `roids or is that a bundt cake pan hanging off the right front side of the bench? And if it is a cake pan why is it in the garage?
    the Capt'n.

    That is a cord reel. If you enlarge the picture you will see this.

    Try viewing the pic at its original size; it is then easily seen it is a "cord pro" - an extension cord spool.

    I own 2 Cord Pros for over 6 years, love them and show them to everyone I meet. Like your bench would suggest a hinged mount for the saw though, like a sewing machine style mount or something to keep the saw out of the way when its not in use.