Picture of Wrap your bike in Reflective cloth
Using 3m Scotchlite fabric and spray adhesive you can wrap the frame tubing of your bike. You'll have the ultimate nightrider.
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Step 1: Get your stuff

Picture of get your stuff
You'll need

-spray adhesive
-tape measure (cloth sewing tape measure is ideal)
-rubbing alcohol
-finishing tape
-reflective fabric (this needs to be wide. i used 4" wide fabric which wraps around a 1 1/8" diameter tube with a nice overlap. It didn't quite make it on the downtube which is fatter. There's a little gap on the underside. I ordered the fabric from but i'm sure there's other places to get it.
-a bike (older steel bikes are ideal, no fat tubes or funny shapes)

Step 2: Measure and clean

Picture of measure and clean
measure the tube to be wrapped. tube should be a constant diameter without funny shapes. small dents will cover just fine.

clean the tube(s) to be wrapped. Rubbing alcohol works well as a final cleaner as it leaves no residue

Step 3: Cut and test wrap

Picture of cut and test wrap
cut your fabric to size. cut holes for any bolts or such that need to come through the fabric. test wrap the tube to check for overlap

Step 4: Spray the adhesive

Picture of spray the adhesive
Spray the backside of the reflective fabric.
follow the instructions on the can
make sure the can isn't cold
warm it up under some hot water is needed

Step 5: Wrap it up

Picture of wrap it up
carefully position fabric and wrap around tube pushing out bubbles as you go. if you cut out holes for bolts or cable stops start your positioning at those spots and work your way around. The adhesive remains tacky for awhile so if it take a second try it's no big deal.

Step 6: Trim with tape and stand back

Picture of Trim with tape and stand back
you can trim the edges with tape to finish things off or not. I used adhesive reflective tape to finish the edges. it's nowhere near as bright as the scotchlite fabric
gracesalve2 years ago
GREAT!!!! simple but makes our great outdoor more safe.
Fine work.
And a great idea, especially for kids' bikes.
And safe.
And simple.
Thank you.
SurferGeek6 years ago

Nice... but couldn't you just use 3M reflective tape?
stupidplus (author)  SurferGeek6 years ago
My experience with large areas of reflective tape is that's it's difficult to not get wrinkles or air bubbles. The tape just wants to stick to anything it touches. The Fabric that i used is easier to work with and hopefully will come off in one piece leaving just some adhesive to remove. You don't even want to try to remove reflective tape after it's been on a bike. it's not fun
aphrael6 years ago
Wow that's pretty nice! How is this holding up under the weather though? My bike is always outside and it's very rainy and cold now, so I'm wondering if this will make the cloth come loose. Any thoughts on that?
stupidplus (author)  aphrael6 years ago
it's holding up well. this bike lives outside and gets rained and snowed upon. No problems yet. The overlapping edge may want to start coming up if you don't use enough adhesive though
altomic6 years ago
smart. I like it.

safety + simple,.

this is one of those "so obvious ,why hasn't it been done before instructables.

annaliesa6 years ago
AWESOME!!!! OMG! I love it and I'm so going to do this to my white giant asap! Thank you for the awesome instructable. :)
zieak6 years ago
Nice and clean!