Step 9: Make More!

You can make more once you are done learning. You can wrap the string tight or loose you may also use less or more strings than in this instructable.
<p>Looks simple! I'm gonna make it :)</p>
<p>Thank you for posting this, roodadoo!</p>
<p>I loved this and it was literally the easiest friendship bracelet I ever made so thankyou!</p>
I made them! They are soooo easy.
i made them and its soo easy! gonna make for friends also :) thanks btw
wow so easy i made 5 in ten minuets im amazed
I've always wondered how these were made. Going to make one of these soon.
ohh let me know how it turns out
They are so simple! I couldn't believe how easy it was, thank you! :)<br>
Freaking epic!! X3 Iv'e always wanted to know how to make these!! Thanks for uploading such an awesome tutorial! X3
these are really cute, and uber easy :) definatly going to try this tomorrow during my snow day :)
you stink ;)<br />
Hello!! I made one last night after i had seen thins instructable, I think it looks awesome and 100 times cooler than the ones I used to make! Im guessing by the end of summer i will have like 10 on my ankle or wrist....or both lol
I am glad to know you like them.
I made one and i really like it they would be good to sell at a festival
Love this...plan to make with my middle school students!
i never thought these would be so easy to make! off i go to the store..

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