Things you can make with Gum Wrappers
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nice 5*, how much gum do you chew? nice work.
gumwrapper (author)  Thelonelysandwitch6 years ago
Thanks, --witch. I go through a 15 pack a week, usually. I get wrapper contributions from friends and family as well.
nice, your dentist must hate you.
fishermanfo5 years ago
dude u really got talent i cant eben make  1 gum wrapper thing
daninja6 years ago
Thats awesome!! I like the thunderbolt! :)
hwall136 years ago
my fav aws the music stand
wenpherd6 years ago
post one on making the sailboat
Kaiven6 years ago
+5. Period. That is all lol! I wish it went higher...
gumwrapper (author)  Kaiven6 years ago
Thanks. I'll try to get some more added. I've kind of slacked off on this lately. As the weather gets worse, I'm sure I'll have more opportunities for inside activities like this.
spiffytessa6 years ago
Wow. That's amazing! I can never find gum with good metalic foil wrappers, though... Do you know some good gum brands that are avaliable in Canada with foil wrappers?
gumwrapper (author)  spiffytessa6 years ago
Thanks. I'm not sure what is available in Canada. I don't get up that way very often. I would imagine that you have Extra, Juicy Fruit, and Doublemint. These are all Wrigley's and are sold world wide. The new "5" gum is also wrapped in foil and comes in various colors, but the gum is more expensive. Carefree has foil wrappers, but has smooth edges rather than the serrated ones found on Wrigley's. Most of the Wrigley's I see around here come in cellophane wrapped cardboard. The 15 packs for Wrigley's all seem to be going to the new package similar to the new "5" gum. The sticks are still wrapped in foil, but the outer wrap is wider, thinner, cardboard, and wrapped in cellophane (I really don't like cellophane).
Ahh, thanks. I'm in LOVE with 5 gum, so I have alot of those kind. :)
Cool! They are amazing! They must take you ages! :-)
gumwrapper (author)  MissPennyFarthing7 years ago
Thanks, louie_gee_gee! Each one takes about a couple of hours to actually make. I usually do this while watching TV at night. I've been doing this for over a year now so they tend to accumulate.
Really?! I thought you were going to say about a week! They look fantastic, well done! :-)
AznPanda7 years ago
Dude u are AWESOME XD my personel favroite is the swing set and park toys those are awesome XD ima try this tomorrow i cant chew gum but i find gum wrappers with gum in my house lols
gumwrapper (author)  AznPanda7 years ago
Thanks and have fun! Let me know if you get stuck;-)
Sure thing but i got one question on normaly how many wrappers does it take to make one
gumwrapper (author)  AznPanda7 years ago
For the swing, it takes at least 10 pieces. It's good to have an extra piece, so plan on 11 for the swing. Just follow the 'ible for that one.
{http://www.instructables.com/id/Tiny-gum-wrapper-swing-set/ Swingset]
I haven't written any 'ibles on the slide or monkey bars. The slide is probably around 20 pieces, the monkey bars about 13.
Hazanko7 years ago
That's so weird. I also make gum wrapper art! And here I thought I was original... Although, I do make my own designs, my most famous being my roses (lame, I know). Hey, have you ever made an Orbit Man?
gumwrapper (author)  Hazanko7 years ago
There must be something in the foil that attracts creative designs. I'd love to see your roses (I doubt they are lame). I can alway learn (steal) ideas for my next big project;-) I've never made an Orbit Man. I assume I'd need some Orbit wrappers for that. I don't chew Orbit gum, mainly Extra and 5 gum.
Oh, I don't chew gum at all. In high In high school, though, it's impossible not to find wrappers. So I've donned the persona of "That guy who asks for wrappers". As for Orbit-man, I might post a "Miniature sculpture from everyday items" Instructable. Care to collaborate? You seem to have this down-pat...
gumwrapper (author)  Hazanko7 years ago
I'd love to see the Orbit-man. I could make him a chair or something!
Kait9997 years ago
lol, the monkey bars would be for like sea monkeys
U have quite an amazing skill =) it could come in handy now that i think of it

So pretty much amazing !!!!
It's a fun hobby and keeps me out of trouble. I'm not sure how handy any of these things are, but I'm always looking for a use for them.
This is one of the coolest things I have seen in a while. And to think we all throw away gum wrappers. No More. On to more creative ideas.
gumwrapper (author)  Mrs. Skunkbait7 years ago
Thanks, Mrs. Skunkbait. The wrappers are far too valuable to throw away. Make something creative with 'em today!
ccpizza777 years ago
these are sooo cute i make pipecleaner people and i used ur stuff for there house keep them coming :D
gumwrapper (author)  ccpizza777 years ago
Thanks, ccpizza77. I'd love to see examples of your pipe cleaner people. Construction is probably similar since my sticks are essentially wires wrapped around each other.
Wow! These are really fantastic! You've got one heck of an imagination.
gumwrapper (author)  vanillasmoke7 years ago
I'm glad you like them. I'll make more. Thanks.



gumwrapper (author)  struckbyanarrow7 years ago
you have way too much time on your hands.
yet so do i
Cartuner557 years ago


gumwrapper (author)  Cartuner557 years ago
= Thanks! = more to come...
Wow that's quite a hobby; very meticulous. Guiness book of world records material perhaps.
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