I seem to always have scraps of wrapping paper after I wrap all my gifts.  I hate not being able to use them, so I thought I could make some interesting wire ornaments for decorating gifts using the scraps.  Not only does the gift look nice, but the recipient gets two gifts!

Step 1: Materials

For the wrapping paper beads:

1.  Wrapping paper

2.  Q-tip

3.  Glue stick

4.  Exacto knife

5.  Ruler

6.  Cutting surface

7.  Pen or pencil

8.  Clear nail polish

For the ornaments:

1.  Wrapping paper beads

2.  Assorted metal and glass beads

3.  Wire

4.  Pliers

5.  Wire cutters

6.  Fishing line

Clever idea! Thanks for sharing.<br>Sunshiine
You're welcome. And thanks for the nice comment!

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