Wrapping Paper Bucket



Introduction: Wrapping Paper Bucket

I was wanting something to keep my rolls of wrapping paper all together and accessible.  Off to the garage!  I found a large bucket, some left-over foam board, and an almost full can of granite-like spray paint.  

Step 1:

I used my husbands (jig?)saw and cut the bucket right down the middle (a little more than half - I wanted it to hold lots of rolls).  I cut the foam board to fit the back, wedged it in good and used aquarium sealant.  I let the sealant dry for most of the day.

Step 2:

Next stop, the back deck.  I taped up the handle and spray painted the outside.  If I ever do this again I would definitely prime it first.

I hung it from a command hook in the closet.



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