Picture of Wreath: Christmas Sweater Conversion Part II
Another way to put old Christmas sweaters or other scraps of fabric to good holiday use is to make a wreath to hang on the door. This wreath is really a continuation of the last instructable I posted on stockings and elf costumes. I couldn't bear to let leftover sweater fabric from my other projects go to waste, so here is my solution: a Grinch-esque holiday wreath!

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Step 1: Prepare Materials

Picture of Prepare Materials
A: Here I used the remnants of my Christmas sweater, but you could use any scraps or fabric, as long as you have enough material to make two tubes about 3 ft long.

First I cut the sweater remnant down the middle. You should also separate the sweater where the shoulder part is connected. Then I flipped one half to match up with the lines and curves of the other piece to make it longer and pinned it together. Be careful to try and match any stripes up and pin it in a way that will make a nice tube shape when you sew it together.

B: If you are using a single piece of fabric it should be approximately 37cm X 175cm in size. (15 in X 70 in)

Both A and B people will need to have some kind of stuffing for the middle of the tubes, preferably batting (the stuff that goes inside a quilt).

Step 2: Sew Pieces Together

Picture of Sew Pieces Together
A: Once it is securely pinned, you are ready to start sewing. As you sew you will need to pay attention to the different seems because you will have seems that run through the middle on both sides of the fabric. You will notice fairly quickly if you forget to sew one!

After you have sewn the two pieces together sew down the middle twice making parallel lines with about 1cm or 1/4 inch in between. Then cut between the parallel lines to create two tubes. Turn them right-side out.

B: If you are working with one piece of long fabric, all you have to do is sew along one edge and turn it right-side out.
katmckee5 years ago
Great idea to use an old sweater, and great wreath!
luvit5 years ago
i'm glenn beck. i just wanted to say 'awesome instructable'.
canida5 years ago
Cute!  Nice job.