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Deck the halls with wrecking balls! Make your own Miley Cyrus wrecking ball ornaments for your holiday tree and get ready to twerk in the new year.

I stumbled upon this on Etsy, and knew I could do better. 
I'll show you how to make your own wrecking ball ornaments, or you can use my template and start printing our own.
For those that don't know what this is all about, here's some homework.

This holiday season, decorate your tree with questionable pop culture icon ornaments. Just make sure to top up your eggnog before explaining twerking to grandma

Step 1: Find Media

Picture of Find Media

I performed an image search for wrecking ball and was rewarded with so many picture options, refining the search for high quality photos.

After finding a few profile pictures I copied them and brought them into an image editor. If you don't have an image editor, GIMP is a powerful and free option. Using a lasso tool I selected just the body and deleted the wrecking ball and background. After, I placed the body cut-outs on a page formatted to my printer paper dimensions.

The image was then copied, flipped horizontally, then aligned so a small portion of the mirror image overlaps the original. This process was repeated for each image, and then was printed on a colour printer on regular paper.

If you're lazy you may use my template, download it here.

Step 2: Cut It Out

Picture of Cut It Out

The images were then cut out and folded along the mirror axis.

Step 3:

Picture of

Wanting a truly mini Miley on a wrecking ball, I decided to use a grey ornament. Since decorations are meant to be eye catching and not dull, I had to make my own wrecking ball ornaments by spray painting.

Using 2 coats of primer, I was able to achieve a nice matte finish on my glass ornaments.

Step 4: Chain, Then Hang Ornament

Picture of Chain, Then Hang Ornament
I found inexpensive necklace chain at my local craft store. I cut a length and fed one end through the ornament anchor, and the other on an ornament hook. The ornament cap and anchor was secured on top of the ornament. The paper cutout was folded along the chain and secured in place with a little hot glue.

This wrecking ball is now ready to swing from your holiday tree, breaking hearts and social boundaries about appropriateness of ornaments.

Have you made your own wrecking ball ornament? I want to see it!
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Cross612 (author)2014-12-23

what was your favorite miley pic you used?

mikeasaurus (author)Cross6122014-12-23

All of them!

JON-A-TRON (author)2014-11-03


DavidMTaylor made it! (author)2014-10-05

Sparkling gif version :)

This is was fun project last year... I intend to make more this coming holiday season! Thanks for sharing !

(Click/Open the image to see the animated version!)

mikeasaurus (author)DavidMTaylor2014-10-06

So sparkly. I hope many Miley's adorn your tree!

daner girl 16 (author)2014-09-19

I am Miley's cousin

heatherluvs (author)2014-05-05

Here's mine :) I think I did a pretty good job too. Thanks for sharing your templates

sabu.dawdy (author)2014-01-09

loll.. this is epic lol

ax89 (author)2013-12-29

I purchased a pack of matte/shiny silver ornaments to avoid having to paint. I made 4 and sneakily put them on the tree at all the Christmas parties I went to... LOL. Thanks for a great idea.

missmariamoore (author)2013-12-28

This is too funny! I love it. Thanks for sharing.

rustedmuse (author)2013-12-23

I enjoyed this instructable. I've made 3 of these so far for friends and family and everyone loves them. Thanks for posting this!

NathanLlo (author)2013-12-22

I can say I really enjoyed this project. It was easy and looks great when I finished.
Being the OCD person that I am, I got my own picture, photoshopped the background off of her and also removed the chain from in front of her wrist (replacing it with skin).
I printed her out normally and flipped over onto card stock paper and put another blank piece of card stock paper in between the two pictures. (My Miley is thick and won't tear easily).
At first I tried a traditionally colored wrecking ball to prop her on, but it was too dull and not in any way Christmas related. So I spray painted the bulb again to a metallic finish and then some sparkles to make something a little more festive.
Then I hot glued her onto the chain at her hands and glued her to the bulb at her butt and feet.
Then wallah! I realized I was done!
Thanks for the idea! I think my friend will really enjoy this!

dallinrox7 (author)2013-12-18

What a great idea. I tried to use white and rust colour paint to make it look more used. Thank for this instructable XD

mikeasaurus (author)dallinrox72013-12-18

Looking good. Enjoy the patch and 3-month Pro!

gadget-man (author)2013-12-15

I thought that was hilarious, so her is mine printed at 75% on a fan pull chain.

mikeasaurus (author)gadget-man2013-12-16

Now you can enjoy it year-round! Enjoy the patch and 3-month Pro!

gadget-man (author)mikeasaurus2013-12-16

Yes I can, thank you very much for my 1st patch and the 3-month pro.

gadget-man (author)gadget-man2013-12-15

also voted

blueva (author)2013-12-14

Brilliant idea ;D
Merry christmas from The Netherlands

mikeasaurus (author)blueva2013-12-16

Nice. Enjoy the patch and 3-month Pro!

bsherman5 (author)2013-12-13

This was too much fun! I think I'm going to have a great present for rob your neighbor!

mikeasaurus (author)bsherman52013-12-16

I like the colour of that ornament. Enjoy the patch and 3-month Pro!

herefishyfishy (author)2013-12-12

Our tree isn't up yet, so Miley's just hanging around my room. Fantastic 'ible!

Awkward without the tree, but no less awkward than her on a wrecking ball. Enjoy the patch and 3-month Pro!

ajalmaguer (author)2013-12-12

While cleaning up tape today I thought of this project. Brilliant idea!

mikeasaurus (author)ajalmaguer2013-12-16

Weird and wonderful. Enjoy the patch and 3-month Pro!

milkywaybar (author)2013-12-16

I thought all the original ideas for Christmas ornaments were taken, until this instructable came in like a wrecking ball, and shattered that belief.

travel_bug (author)2013-12-13

hahaha... wish I knew a miley cyrus fan to make this for!

urbanmx (author)2013-12-12

I made one it was a big hit thank you

Horseman777 (author)2013-12-12

Good idea i am definetly going to make them.

PACW (author)2013-12-10

Hmm. I don't know if any of my friends are Miley Cyrus fans. . . I wish I knew someone I could make one of these for.

mikeasaurus (author)PACW2013-12-10

I've been ornament dropping at malls all over town

cconley3 (author)2013-12-10

These are the best ornaments on my tree!

75vetteman (author)2013-12-09

This is wrong just as said above, going to report, this needs to be taken off, kids look at this website and this goes to far.

I completely agree. We need to do what we can to try to stop this filth!!

stewrimes (author)2013-12-09

Have some hanging in my shop... Now people want to buy them! Have been call them Wrecking-baubles.

Pizzapie500 (author)2013-12-07

Haha this was so funny to make! Here's my picture:

Pizzapie500 (author)Pizzapie5002013-12-07

ugh I glued her the wrong way...

Still works.

mikeasaurus (author)Pizzapie5002013-12-09

Whoa, that metallic finish is great.

Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the patch and 3-month Pro Membership!

gluvit (author)2013-12-09


-chase- (author)2013-12-09

lol - I knew someone would come up with something like this. lol

Too cool mikeasaurus - just too cool!

Someone has to get this to Miley so she can see it.

Make sure  when she does - you get a percentage of the sales.
you know this would take off if mass produced this year.

Happy Holidays you and yours mikeasaurus
Great orniment - great Instructable
put some holiday cheer in my day.
What more can one ask for!

thanx for sharing,

cory1156 (author)2013-12-09

After trimming her up. Season's Greetings everyone. :D

gwenif (author)2013-12-09

This is just great... just great. I will have to make about ten of these for my math class.

bmmsben (author)2013-12-08

Miley Christmas to all and to all a twerk night.

mikeasaurus (author)bmmsben2013-12-09

So good.
Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the patch and 3-month Pro Membership!

cory1156 (author)2013-12-08

Clearly my ornament is Not done yet. Once the glue is done I'm going to clean her up. and I'll post a finished picture of her. I will also add santa hats to every miley, and change the color of the white paper around her to a color very similar to the color next to it. Example; the white paper next to her arm will be skin color, around her boots will be black/brown, etc. This way you won't have to be quite as exact on placing the two halves perfectly.

If anyone has any other fun ideas, Comment below and I'll try to make something for you.

mikeasaurus (author)cory11562013-12-09

Ha, that hat is a great addition.

Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the patch and 3-month Pro Membership!

jgies1 (author)2013-12-07

This will really annoy my husband - can't wait until he discovers it on the tree. Mwahaha!

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