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First, thanks to Instructables for running this awesome contest! It was a lot of fun to put this Instructable together for it, and I hope ya'll enjoy. :D

Hello, here is my first entry into the Rods and Connectors contest. Before start talking about the gun itself, here is the back story.

Back in the mid 2000's, a new fad came into existence: building little toy guns that shoot tiny plastic pieces. Despite sounding a bit odd, K'enx gun building ended up being a lot of fun. As K'nex guns got bigger and better, a problem came up. Most K'nex guns are powered by rubber bands hooked onto a rod. The rod was pulled back, and the trigger would block it. Ammo would be inserted into the gun, and the trigger would be pulled, shooting the rod. This worked great, but if you wanted more the 9 bands or so on the pin, the firing rod would shatter. So, Instructables member
Oodalumps came up with a simple solution, a little piece in the front of the gun to absorb the impact of the pin. The gun with this has been called everything from "Not a Rectangle" to "Untangle."

I built it, and frankly, I had problems. With the gun, I mean.

First, there are no instructions. I had to use the pictures of the gun that are scattered around Instructables. There WERE some instructions on a different site, but that not longer exists. Also, the shock absorber is only useful with lots of bands. Too many to pull back. The worst issue was the shock absorber shattering. The absorber is a ball socket half, and for some builders, it is a rare piece. I destroyed several sockets with gun, and I only have a few now. Anyway, to pull back a bunch of bands, you would have to remove some of the, pull the firing rod back, and hook the bands back on, limiting rate of fire.

The Untangle is generally toted as the best K'nex single shot due its good range. (I never got very good range with it myself, actually.) But with all of its problems, I wanted to replace it. Enter Wrecktangle Competitor.

Did I succeed? That is for you to decide. The first video is of me shooting at a box, and the second is me shooting some yellow rods.


My Competitor shoots very, very far. A yellow rod will shoot 70 feet+, a red connector and white rod (Called "Oodammo", this ammo was invented by Oodalumps, by the way) will shoot 90 feet, probably more with unused #64 bands (I was using five cheap, worn out #64 bands.) and fin ammo will shoot 200 feet+.

My Competitor is very reliable. There is very little that could go wrong. Trust me.

My Competitor looks nice. Not the best looking, but not bad at all.

My Competitor has just the right amount of heft to it.

My Competitor is very comfy.

My Competitor does not need any broken or cut parts.

My Competitor has very nice sights.

My Competitor has a good bullet lock that holds the ammo securely in place.

My Competitor has ammo holders for eight rounds.


The sight radius is not great.

My Competitor is only single shot, but that means better range and reliability.

I would appreciate comments and votes very much.

Step 1: Parts List.

Green rods: 140

White rods: 35

Blue rods: 10

Yellow rod: 1

Black rods (For pin and guide): 2

Black OR grey rods: 4

Yellow connectors: 71

White connectors: 26

Blue connectors: 2

Green connectors: 5

Red connectors: 13

Grey connectors: 4

Orange connectors: 28

Grey clips: 14

Blue clips: 2

Tan clips: 2

Y clips: 8

Ball socket halves: 3

Hinges: 2

Blue spacers: 13

Silver spacers: 5

#32 bands: 2

#64 bands: 6

#117 band: 1

Step 2: Barrel

Picture of Barrel

Time to build the heavy duty barrel and sights. Have fun. The black rods in this step can be changed out for grey rods.

Step 3: Pin and Pin Guide.

Picture of Pin and Pin Guide.

Simple step. Use this pin.

Step 4: Handle

Picture of Handle

Here is the handle. I think it is very comfortable. There really is not a need for text, as it is rather self explanatory.

Step 5: Stock.

Picture of Stock.

Here is the stock. It is pretty sturdy and does not need a multitude of pieces. You will also be attaching the handle you built in the last step.

Step 6: Putting the Parts Together and the Trigger.

Picture of Putting the Parts Together and the Trigger.

Here you will be putting parts together and adding the trigger and trigger guard.

Step 7: Banding the Pin and Usage.

Picture of Banding the Pin and Usage.

Just put five bands on the firing rod and one on the charging piece.

Pull the firing rod back until the trigger blocks it, click the ammo into the front of the gun, point it in a safe direction, and pull the trigger.

Have fun! :)


The Knex Inventor (author)2016-06-04

This is definitely the most powerful firing pin gun that I have ever made. Got it to shoot through cardboard from 20ft. away, and with finammo, it achieved ranges of over 100ft!

Glad you liked it!


RandomCommenter (author)2015-09-22


Thanks. :)

sonic broom (author)2015-05-28

I just voted! if you win something I can see you would put it to good use.

CorgiCritter (author)sonic broom2015-05-28

Thank you!

shortclient52 (author)2015-05-18


Thank you.

Miniboom (author)2015-04-25

I really like it, but it looks like you copied a tr-12 design?

please tell me if I am wrong.

CorgiCritter (author)Miniboom2015-04-26

Tr12? No, this does not have a turret, and it has a different handle, stock, trigger, and barrel.
This type of barrel tends to look similar to TR barrels. Look closely at the TR8 barrel and this. They are the same type, but different.

Bottom line: similar barrel but different gun.

Miniboom (author)CorgiCritter2015-04-26

I see what you mean, and I think it looks better, especially the sight.

I just wonder whether you got any inspiration from it, I didnt mean copy.

CorgiCritter (author)Miniboom2015-04-26

Oh, alright. Nothing was inspired exept the barrel.

Miniboom (author)CorgiCritter2015-04-29

ok, cool

sonic broom (author)2015-04-24

I built it and the trigger did not work so I modified it with my new trigger and now it works great! I also took the trigger guard of it was to small. I think i'm going to mod a ton of other things so that it works and feels better but it was pretty cool! Also I tested it one time and the range was great. I want to make some fin ammo to test that out too. I will get a picture up of all the mods when I get the time. By the way how's your slingshot coming along?

CorgiCritter (author)sonic broom2015-04-24

Trigger didn't work?! That was one of the most reliable components for me. It worked very smoothly. What part of it did not work? It might have been the band you put on it was too tight, as it was intended to use a 7 inch band.

I would love some pictures. :)

The slingshot is finished, so I need to work on posting it.

sonic broom (author)CorgiCritter2015-04-27

Update I was trying to load a ton of bands on your gun and the pin guide unconnected and the black rod snapped Ouch!! then I got mad and took the gun apart. it was a good gun for the time that i had it even though it killed my black rod. Now I only have 9 black rods left.

CorgiCritter (author)sonic broom2015-04-27

Oh, sorry. How many bands were you using? The pin bending up and snapping seems to be a weakness on tube and stick guns. I have lost several black rods to the TR8.

You still have more black rods then me. :)

sonic broom (author)CorgiCritter2015-04-27

Yes we need to get a new pin guide system for tube and stick guns.

I don't remember how many I put on. I have one gun that I have in the works but I put away my KNEX so when I get back into KNEX I should have a gun posted. Also a ton of my KNEX are being used in a binary computer I built off YouTube.

CorgiCritter (author)sonic broom2015-04-27

It seems the best way for a new pin guide would be to have the pin clip into a connector on the side of the stock, rather then one on the bottom, so when you stack bands on it and the bands are pulling the pin upwards, it can't snap out of the connecter.

sonic broom (author)CorgiCritter2015-04-27

Yes that might work. Have you worked on the looks gun any?

CorgiCritter (author)sonic broom2015-04-27

Looks gun? I haven't really been working on anything, I just need to post my slingshot.

sonic broom (author)CorgiCritter2015-04-27

oh I thought you where going to make some gun for looks based of a COD AW gun.

CorgiCritter (author)sonic broom2015-04-27

Oh, yeah, that never really got past me building a handle for it. XD

sonic broom (author)CorgiCritter2015-04-27

Okay you should post your sling shot i'm looking forward to it.

CorgiCritter (author)sonic broom2015-04-27

I will, there is just some work involved that takes some time.

Don't get too hyped up about it. It is pretty good, but not super speciel.

sonic broom (author)CorgiCritter2015-04-27

i'm not hyped i just like to see new guns and get ideas. Also i know it takes work to post stuff it took me hours to make the instructions for my modular car.

CorgiCritter (author)sonic broom2015-04-27

Ok. Right now I am working on the video for it.

sonic broom (author)CorgiCritter2015-04-24

It just did not work for me i could have made it work but i wanted a new trigger anyway. Also looking forward to your slingshot. Will it be a bull-pup?

Have you seen the new O ring firing pin that KK put on YouTube?

CorgiCritter (author)sonic broom2015-04-24

Ok. It is not really a bullpup, the ratchet is about 3 inches from the trigger, so kinda I guess. I really like the trigger I have on the slingshot, it has a very light pull.

Yep! I don't know when I will build the TR again, but I would want to try that mod.

sonic broom (author)CorgiCritter2015-04-24

Okay I see. I was shooting your gun some more and it works great with my new trigger. but after shooting it more the pin broke i made it wrong but when I get some O Rings I will make the new pin and put it in. Also i'm working on a bull-pup sling shot of sorts and it has the lightest trigger pull ever all most to light but it work pretty good it just needs to be modified for a new top rail also I want to try to put a mag on it and maybe some bow arms. Have you made Z35 K'nex Assault Rifle? I made it and it did not work at all most of the gun was not to my liking. but it was interesting to make and i did not like the instructions they where made in ML CAD so it was hard to follow.

CorgiCritter (author)sonic broom2015-04-24

Sweet. :)

I wanted to add some bow arms to my slingshot, but I am awful at incorporating them. Light triggers are always good.

No, I don't think I have the yellow connectors for it.

sonic broom (author)CorgiCritter2015-04-24

Yes bow arms are tricky. I was just wondering where you get you KNEX cause I want to get some more metallic parts I only have one tub. I got most of my KNEX from the thrift store but now I never see them at the stores I go to but maybe I will get some off ebay.

CorgiCritter (author)sonic broom2015-04-24

My mom found them at a flea market or something and got all the metallic pieces for $2.50. Epic deal. At the time, I did not really care, since I liked lego more, but now I am very happy she got them.

On ebay you can get 15 pounds for 35-60 dollars.

sonic broom (author)CorgiCritter2015-04-24

That's a good deal! I got a tub for about 8 dollars and i thought that was a good deal. what did you make with Lego? I do a lot with Lego too!

CorgiCritter (author)sonic broom2015-04-25

A tub for $8 sounds pretty good to me.
I mostly played with LOTR and the Hobbit sets. I didn't do much building, I mostly had them fight each other, burn buildings to the ground, and lose limbs. XD

sonic broom (author)CorgiCritter2015-04-25

Neat! one time I was at the thrift store and they had a Screaming Serpent roller coaster for 12 dollars! they sell on Amazon for 300 dollars. I like to make puzzle boxes and candy machines out of Lego. Do you ever make any thing else out of KNEX besides guns?

sandroknexmaster (author)2015-04-18

Looks good!

Knextremely stupid (author)2015-04-17

Dude thanks for the idea now I'm gonna kill birds with my v.7 with sharpened tips

sonic broom (author)2015-04-14

This looks great i will give it a build after the contest! also when are you going to post the mini version?

CorgiCritter (author)sonic broom2015-04-15

Thanks, and I ripped the mini tr apart. Sorry, but it had some problems and looked really messy.

sonic broom (author)CorgiCritter2015-04-15

I thought that you had a mini version of this gun?

CorgiCritter (author)sonic broom2015-04-15

I did, but then I added a turret and new trigger. It got really good rate of fire, but was uncomfortable and looked bad. I might post it just as a mini version of this one if these days.

sonic broom (author)CorgiCritter2015-04-15

Also the video did not load that good maybe you could just put your videos on YouTube.

Soooooo cool! I am so jealous! I wish I could build things THAT COOL! It looks like you can kill a bird with that thing! And cute corgi pictures by the way. :)

Thanks! I am sure you could build stuff like this, if you had the pieces. :)

As for use on birds, it wouldn't be a very humane way of elimnating them, would it?

I meant it shoots so hard it looks dangerous! XD

Knextremely stupid (author)2015-04-15

Honestly this gun looks ok but I personally like the last one better but still keep up the good work

This one works works much better though. Thanks!

Knextremely stupid (author)2015-04-15

I voted

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