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Introduction: Wrench Bottle Opener

Today i built a cheap and quick to built bottle opener!

I've gotten the idea for this kind of bottle opener from Jimmy Diresta's recent video on 10 DIY bottle openers! Thanks Jimmy!

Total cost was about 1$. You can use a wrench you got laying around in one of your dusty drawers. I only own one set of "good" wrenches so decided to buy a cheap one at the 1$ store.

It took me about 30 minutes to finish up!

I'll be entering this into the Epilog contest! So please vote for this intractable if you liked reading it!

Lasercutter? Hell yeah! I've had a bit of experience with lasercutting and absolutely adore it. I'm currently looking into gaining more experience toward the technical side of it.

There's a pretty high step for getting into lasercutting. As an interaction designer i'm always looking for simpler and easier way to get into something. If i have controlled access to a laser cutter I would be able to do research on the whole process and eventually come up with some software upgrades or UI / UX improvements which will suit us all. Oh and who doesn't like lasers?!

Step 1: Marking the Parts to Be Cut Off

Marking the part to guide you which parts to cut of i probably the most important step.

I often get carried away if i don't do this, therefor grinding of to much and having to throw it all away.

Make sure you let both sides end in proper point. This will ensure your opener grabs onto the cap and pulls it off. I used one of the ridges on the circle part to act as a hook.

Step 2: One Side Down.

I used a dremel-tool with a cutoff disc and a little sanding drum. Finishing up and rounding the edges was done on a homemade belt sander. Round over the top part (which goes on the top of the cap). It will poke through your bottle cap if you keep it sharp.

Step 3: Other Side Done

I first used a cut-off disk on my dremel-tool to get rid of the bulk of the material. I then used belt sander to shape the hook and round over the top part just like i did on the previous part.

Step 4: All Finished Up!

Done, works like a charm!

Thanks for reading, please share your thoughts in the comments! I love getting feedback!



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    Great Idea! Somebody just gave me a milk box a third full of old wrenches. I now know what to try with some of them. Thanks

    Actually, trimming the open end of a wrench like that is an old woodturners trick for making round tenons on the end of a workpiece. It makes a very precise diameter when pressed into the work with the long jaw up and the short one cutting below. I had one each for 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" tenons by modifying thrift store wrenches. I never thought to open a beer with it though. ☺


    2 replies

    dude that's a sweet tip thank you

    That's amazing! Looks like there's thousands of uses for these wrenches! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

    Then it turns out that it was part of your $200 Snap On wrench set....

    1 reply

    Let's hope not! I can already feel the disappointment in someone's heart when they find out they used the wrong wrench..:(

    Great! Fabulous that you have credit where it was due. thanks

    Nice! It's probably easier to make to open end into a can opener, there's more material to work with and you won't have to deal with the curve! Send me a picture when it's done!

    loved jimmys video the screwdriver one was cool too

    1 reply

    He does some amazing stuff! Look for 'david waelder' or 'giaco whatever' if you're looking for more awesome stuff!

    Thank you!

    Very cool idea, thank you for sharing this!

    1 reply

    Thank you! I've got more projects comming!