Step 3: Start Working On Your Project

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Start work as you normally would.  Work on one component, but put aside every wrench you use into a separate pile.  When you take a break, spray paint the wrenches a single color, both sides.

Use a color that will represent that section of your project your tools fit.   Whenever you need to work on this section again, you'll know exactly which wrenches to choose, even if they're mixed up with all the others.

Do the same with every other component.  If one size is used in more than one area and you have spare wrenches, you can paint each a different color.  If you don't have spares, then you can paint a single wrench multiple colors. Neatness doesn't count.

The key is, paint the wrench to mate with the job and forget about size.
Henge2 years ago
Sweet car
bfk (author)  Henge2 years ago
Thanks. It's an ongoing project. Hopefully I'll have the panels to make it wide-body done by spring and the new hoses and wiring harness in so I can take it out again... With much wider boots. Fun car to drive.