Introduction: Wrench-(W)rack

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The mother of invention, is necesity. True true true. this was born after i needed a spread of wrenches, but didnt want to blow 40 bucks on a pre built system of doing it. super simple and super cheap. have fun :)

Step 1: What You NEED

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like i said in the intro, simple. all you need in my case, ( 9 standard and 9 metric ) is a piece of 2x4 about a foot or so long and soma small finishing nails at least an inch long.

Step 2: What You Could Do(astheticly)

One option you could go with to make it look better, depends on what you want it too look like, is to paint or stain it. my shop just has a simple look too it, so i just went with a bare wood look.

Step 3: Construction

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All there is to construction, is jus tdriving the nails in at a bit more than a 45 deg. angle to the 2x4. You want a little bit more than 1 inch inbetwen the nails to alow for the different sized wrenches. I put 2 layers of 9 each on mine just to give it more of a fancy look. You will see what im talking about in the picture. have fun, and post any improvements or ideas.

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