Step 2: Rules

Picture of Rules
Starting touchback rule'
Designate a spot on the trampoline that is on the opposite side of the hoop. This is the touchback zone. After the jumpball, the player/team that gets the ball must touchback (take the ball to the touchback zone) before they can proceed to get the ball through the hoop.

Steal Touchback rule
If one team steals the ball from the other team, they must touchback before they make a shot. If they score without touching back, the point counts for the team they stole the ball from.

Return touchback rule
After a team scores a point, they are not allowed to touch the ball until the other team touches back. The team that just scored is not allowed to do anything to keep the other team from touching back. When the team touches back, normal play resumes.

Jumpball Rule
At the beginning of the game, the youngest player throws the ball up between the two teams. The game starts and the two teams start beating on each other for the ball.

Out of bounds rule
If the ball is hit or thrown out of the trampoline, the last team to touch it must go get it and give it to the opposing team. The opposing team touches back and play resumes.

-And of course, Have fun!