Wrist Band Using Keyboard Keys


Introduction: Wrist Band Using Keyboard Keys

Hi guys....!!!
This instructable is about how to make a Wrist band using old keyboard keys..........
its an wonderful band, make it and present it to your loved ones......

Step 1: Materials Required

Things required are

  1. Old keyboard keys
  2. Thread (some what bigger)
  3. glue and scissors

Step 2: Making It

At the bottom of the keyboard key u can find two groves....

insert two threads into the two groves respectively......

apply some glue so that the key fixes firmly with the thread...

similarly insert all your desired keys one by one make sure they are in correct order (don't place it upside down)..

allow some time for the wet glue to dry well..

Step 3: Final Step......!!!!

Tie it over the wrist.....

make your own name with these keys or your friends name and present to them.........!!!!



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    oh great.... thanks for the info..!!!

    Nice work.! Personalized gifts like this can easily impress girls. Voted for all.

    1 reply

    A cute idea, but might be hard for the friend to tie it on. I suggest either doing a closure like on the Beaded Loops Bracelet by watchmeflyy, just a loop and button closure, or using heavy gauge elastic cording.