Wrist Solar Phone Charger and Flashlight-Very Cool Gadget





Introduction: Wrist Solar Phone Charger and Flashlight-Very Cool Gadget

About: My name is marjancho and I love electronics,makeing gadgets,hack and pranks.

When you are on camping and you want to charge you phone this wrist solar charger will do the job,also this solar charger has Led flashlight and rechargeable batteries which are charged by the small solar panel.

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    Can you upload an instructable of how to actually make this?

    1 reply

    he does show how to make this

    Cool. Nice job. But how do u connect the UBS port. That's something u didn't share. Video was nice. But some part #'s would be helpful to get the parts @ Radio Shack or tell us where to get the parts at. Still very cool design & I must make one or do u sell them? If so give me info I'll buy if price is right!!

    1 reply

    Thanks for nice comment.
    First I dont sell the gadget,all the parts I found in my junk.
    The solar cell is from keychain solar led flashlight,the battery is pull out from old laptop (backup up memory)the led,switch and female usb plug you can find easy.The usb plug is directly connected to battery,you must know which terminals are positive and negative,I am sorry i didnt show that in my video.

    I like it!. Great idea. From where did you get the batteries?

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    They are from backup memory of laptop computer.

    i will vote for u.btw where did u get the solar cell??

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    I forget to mention that in video clip,the solar cell is from key chain led light,very cheap 1$ from ebay.
    Link to image of keychain led:http://www.goldengadgets.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/s/o/solar_led_keychain.jpg