Picture of Write or Draw with Light!
Ever wonder how I made my avatar? or even how these guys (pikapika) make their movies?
Here's how!
(If you've got lightsticks, check out askacollegekid's light instructable!)
Camera with long exposure capabilities (the longer the better)
Source of light (flashlights work the best)
Pitch black room (if you want a nice black background)

Note: Please excuse my room's messiness!

Subnote: I'd like to thank StepsoftheSun for inspiring me to make this Instructable =)

UPDATE!: Yesterday was the "annual" Science Olympiad paratay!

I brought a camera and some lights and we made some pretty nice pictures (added pics to the intro page)!
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Step 1: Set Up

Get your camera a nice place to sit and aim it at a spot about 10-15 ft away where you will easily be able to draw your picture.

Take a regular shutter speed shot in the light to make sure that your spot is in focus (see picture)

Set your camera's shutter speed (you'll have to set your camera for manual mode) - I use 30 seconds most of the time

Either turn on a time delay or set the shutter speed to compensate for the time it takes to walk 10-15 feet away.

Grab your flashlight and shut the lights out.

Step 2: Take the picture!

Press the capture button, run to wherever your camera is focused on, and turn on your light source.

Draw the picture you want, trying not to shine the light source directly at the camera. This will produce a "twinkle" where you shined it from (see picture).

If you want to stop a line segment and start a new one, you can cover the light source with your hand and move it over to where the new line segment will start. If you have a flashlight, just turn it off, move it over, and turn it back on! <-- Much easier!

When you're done drawing:
If it's a simple picture (a square, circle etc) you can go over it again
If not, don't bother trying to go over it. It will probably get messed up.

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Kyw Yw Yw1 year ago
quick question, can you see it when u draw?
No, you only see the movements you make
c3ralki1l3r2 years ago
I used a torch for this. The flame died a few seconds after D:
iahamed2 years ago
RC : Chopper
Antleredguy5 years ago
I took one of these one night when we had a bonfire... I think it turned out pretty good. I took this with a little kodak digital camera.
 Here's mine:

(Bonus points if you can guess my name)
Your name begins with 'T' ends with 'M' and has an 'O' in between
is that photo shop
Here is my scribe.. used a single led and a button cell.
tony ur name tom
 How did you guess?
howto96: hey, i think you are a psychic.... congrats
tom, lol BONUS POINTS!!!!
I think it's Apu Nahasapeemapetilon If so your on Wikipedia
I forgot to say... I put the "Long Time Exposure" at 4 seconds I think it was and that was the only setting I changed.
reganbella3 years ago
Yay! this means I'm a genius......(Even though I can't figure out light drawing........)
monsterlego3 years ago
Omg, i love doing this!
vtotheieira3 years ago
Some light drawing i have done. The first one is an LED on a string which is spin while i also spin around to achieve a sphere. The second one is the same but with a strobing light which alternates colors. The final picture is of burning steel wool being swung around on a string.
Pankake3 years ago
Took these photos a year ago. Small LED light on a string. To get the spiral effect you pull the string, at a constant rate, through one hand to decrease the diameter of the circle.
yokozuna6 years ago
Excellent instructable- thought people might get a kick out of this.
thats not light drawing thats made in photoshop
yes your right it is
Don't put people down, how do you know this is photoshop?
Just because you don't get something does not mean it is photoshop...
That comment was photoshopped!
Wow, that's awesome!
urtlesquirt3 years ago
i have a great idea. get some el wire and kinda wave it through the air.
leeroper3 years ago
Nice write up and good idea, I tried this once but very quickly, gonna give a go again soon. Cheers!
blakllll3 years ago
I love light drawing
this instructable is highly related to yours
007dna4 years ago
Is the second to last one a picture of a far-distanced city? Looks that way.

I like your work. Keep it up! :)

Doctor What7 years ago
I like your instructable. But your room is a disaster. But you know what they say about people with messy rooms.
T3h_Muffinator (author)  Doctor What7 years ago
No.... I don't exactly, what do they say about people with messy rooms?
They are supposed geniuses. That means I must be really smart. Just try walking through my room (without shoes).
I MUST be a genius! My room is cluttered with gadgets, inventions, and disassembled electronics!!
does that make me an imbecile? my room's real clean
Quick! Crumble a box of staples on your floor!
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