Step 1: Set Up

Picture of Set Up
Get your camera a nice place to sit and aim it at a spot about 10-15 ft away where you will easily be able to draw your picture.

Take a regular shutter speed shot in the light to make sure that your spot is in focus (see picture)

Set your camera's shutter speed (you'll have to set your camera for manual mode) - I use 30 seconds most of the time

Either turn on a time delay or set the shutter speed to compensate for the time it takes to walk 10-15 feet away.

Grab your flashlight and shut the lights out.
heykaty6 years ago
how to set the time delay? i'm just a beginner at SLRs
nkk077 years ago
this isnt working ive got a 10 second delay and it wont work and my flashlight is pretty bright.p.s. the picture turns up black (no light)
IAE8 years ago
So the picture will be taken in 25 seconds or during 25 seconds???
T3h_Muffinator (author)  IAE8 years ago
The shutter opens for a total of 25 seconds, so that would be during 25 seconds, I guess.
redrobin8 years ago
Try Halloween "sparklers" as well, much more festive.