This is another notebook/wallet instructable. What makes this one different is that it's not a well done instructable.

I was looking for a new wallet, but couldn't find anything worthy. My last wallet was a cigarrette case from Barcelona which was great. People (read: chicks) were always curious where I got it, but the main reason I got it was to potentially fool muggers/pickpockets. I was searching for such a wallet, but no matter what I ordered, I wouldn't be able to tell the stories that came with it.

Thus I stumbled upon a few ideas and threw them into a blender. I saw this instuctable:

It's one of those "magic wallets." So I decided to custom make a magic wallet using the instuctable above and throw it on the front of a small Ecosystem notebook.

A magic wallet will only handle cash though. Fortunately there's a sleeve at the back of Ecosystem notebooks (http://ecosystemlife.com/products/detail/author/?PHPSESSID=fccbf55507fef0aad99499def88dadb9). I have the 'small' size.

The pouch just needed a quick modification to hold some cards.

NOTE: for those looking for the simplest possible solution for writing+wallet, you could buy a Pico Pad (a credit card sized pad with a micro pen found here:http://www.amazon.com/Everyday-Innovations-Bronze-Onyx-Silver-Complete-WN3-Pack-BOS/dp/B000V8PP7Y)

Philosophy : All of this was based on the idea that I need to write more. A wallet is pulled out often, so if i've got my wallet-notebook out, maybe I'll write a genius insight as well. Plus, I'd have a quick story to tell about my not-so-unique wallet-notebook. If they don't like the craftsmanship, I'd say it's a gift from my younger nephew. Some of you may go, "Why not keep the wallet and notebook seperate?" But the idea is to (hopefully) write more.

Step 1: Materials

This is more or less what you'll need:

Stretchy bands
Super Glue
Exacto Knife
Cardboard/Strong paper

Optional: Ruler
Can you be more direct with the instructions, because the ones from the other guy didn't work out right. Please add in those instructions.
<p>Great idea. I also came up with a notebook-wallet hybrid and I'm taking pre-orders now. Email send_joe_mail@yahoo.com if you're interested: </p><p>http://youtu.be/FOKnzbyBl0k</p>
i love the little improvisations you made :D<br>it's like a crazy all in one wallet/notebook/cardholder thingum. <br>great job! :D

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