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Hello every one, I get questions many times {not in this site but still} the question now is how to write a good lyric for something of someone!

well Ill help you with that one step by step.

Step 1: What You Need.

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well every thing you need is:

and your inspiration. 

Step 2: The Song.

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oke lets start with everything.

a song is build up in parts:

Title {not on the list sorry}

Intro {music only}







every part have a meaning:
Title: just the name of your song

intro: mostly only music the start of a song.

verse: a song have always more then 1 verse a verse is like the basic line, the song is about love, so make it romantic.

chorus: the main part this is the past where your Title gets his meaning. like when your title is love you, the lyric in the chorus can go: you, your the one i love, darling I love you.
its the part that must speak the feeling of a song.

Bridge: a different kind of verse, a bridge is mostly near a solo, cause you can make the music go right into the solo.

Interlude: a kinda solo part, but not only 1 instrument plays the solo all instruments chance notes and mostly here are no lyrics.

solo: well a guitar make his show off point, {you can have every kind of solo but mostly its a guitar solo} .

Outro: the ending of a song , you can go slower at this part of just make a fade out!.

Step 3: Lets Begin Our Song.

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oke we gonna write a love song, to be strait I am not good in writing love songs so Ill just try to help you out!

you like a girl at school her name is Amy {Am} and you know she have red hair, brown eyes and she loves music, {slow rock and pop songs like:  creed, 3 doors down enc}

so we begin writing down every thing we know.

Step 4: Verse 1

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lets start of simple you just say you like her so.
we are using a standard line up:

(the last chorus is the outro as well)

Step 5: Chorus

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tell you love here!

Step 6: Verse 2

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yeah you got to convince her

Step 7: Copy Chorus

just : ctrl + V / ctrl + C

Step 8: Bridge.

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here you wanna get all your feelings for here to get out, so shout this part or something, chance the music too.

Step 9: DONE!

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now you have the lyrics now some music!

all you need now is a guitar {acoustic is better so you can play for her at school}
ill give you a tab 3 simple chords  and your golden!
try this and add some chords in the chorus and you got her!

if you have questions fell free to ask I'll try to help you out!



HMice (author)2012-01-12

Yeah really great but.....sorry to say this your writings not that neat, so maybe next time type it? Anyway excellent effort and I'm sure she really appreciated it :D

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