Writing/drawing Pad From a Chassis Case





Introduction: Writing/drawing Pad From a Chassis Case

Hello :)

This is an idea of a cheap-n-fast pad for writing or drawing.
You just take a computer chassis case (1 side), 3 binders and a pen cap - and here you go.
It appears to be wide, so it is very convenient to write.
Intended to be used indoors because of its weight and size.
Have fun!

Note: it's about severe dormitory students design ;)



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    That's cool!!!! That would be helpfull for the larger sheets of drawing paper...Nice Job :)

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    Thank you )

    With an A4 it is very convenient cause the hand is on the deck, it doesn't get tired during the work.

    Your welcome :)

    Yeah, that's especially helpful if your writing. If you wouldn't mind, could you add this instructable to my group "PWMMOP". You don't have to stay a member if you don't want to, but I think this instructable would be a nice contribution to the group.

    Thanks :)

    Of course, add it, why?

    The group is for people who enjoy drawing. Since this is all about making something that could be used as a drawing pad, I thought it would fit in.