Wrong Size Wrench? No Problem!





Introduction: Wrong Size Wrench? No Problem!

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I am notoriously bad at selecting the right size wrench, and sometimes it comes back to bite me. I was recently shown this trick by a buddy of mine, and it is a lifesaver!

*Note: while this is a very useful tip, I would not recommend using it in every situation. In some cases (like if you're working on your bike or car) it's better to make the trip to the store to buy the correct tool.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Hand Tools Only Contest!

Step 1: What You Need:

- A wrench that's too big, but is as close to the correct size as possible

- An assortment of coins

Step 2: The Trick

- Use a coin, or combination of coins, to fill the gap between the nut or bolt and the too-large wrench.

- Try different combinations of coins to make the wrench as snug to the nut or bolt as possible, since the better the fit is the less likely the wrench is to slip off. This is essential for removing tighter nuts and bolts.

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Ummm, Pliers? Anyone?

I think they're better than wrenches, They can grip on any sized nut (I've never used wrenches, So correct me if I'm wrong)

Pliers aren't really made for nuts and bolts, they are more for grabbing and holding but can also work in a pinch but you run the risk of stripping the nut or bolt because a normal plier will slip off if you cant exert more force to hold it closed than needed to loosen the fastner. That said, theres a cool looking one (pliers) on Amazon I saw, its made for loosening nuts and bolts but its costly! Its called the Knipex...

Knipex is a brandname, over here. They have a variety of all sorts of pliers and I think I know which one you're talking about - it's like a cross-over between pliers & crescent wrench. One of these days I'm going to crack on it since it's a descent tool for all kinds of plumbry. It's worth the cost, for sure!

Knipex is fantastic!!!, i've already have a cobra set and I use it almost for everything!!!

yeah its the one that looks like a water pump plier or a "Channel Lock" ... (see that? what I just did there?...lol)

Never heard about that channel lock - I had to look it up - and I even don't know how it's called in dutch. It took me a hell of an effort to learn all these specific tool names in french and I just realise that I don't know their names in english. But I got the joke, finally! ;)

lol Sorry .. I didn't know you weren't in the US... lol

Yeah for some reason when we find something we like, we will call every other company's version of it by the original company's name... . Like, we love Super glue so every other brand of CA glue that comes out, we call Super Glue, And we love the Hook and Loop fastener Made by Velcro, so now we call every other hook and Loop fastener made by ANY company, Velcro... lol We are just weird like that I guess.

I AM in the US. I thought YOU weren't! LOL. I only heard 'hoover' used as a verb on British and Australian TV shows. I've never heard an American use that. You have?

come to think of it, I don't recall hearing any US TV shows use the term Hoovering.. I do recall hearing it once on the British 80s comedy, "The Young Ones" If I remember right, Neil The Hippie somehow was shot up and his head went through the ceiling and he was stuck there and he looked around and said "Oh wow, this floor could use a Hoovering" lol... and that's the one and only time I can remember hearing that term on TV.

The Young Ones. Youre awesome for even saying the young ones. Lmao. Grew up watching that with friends. Hilarious stuff