Picture of Wrought Iron Window Box made from old A/C window guard
These are some of the sequential photos and description of how I made two wrought iron Window Boxes from one old Window A/C unit window guard.

Step 1: Seperate the usable part

Picture of Seperate the usable part
I used an angle grinder with a thin blade to grind through the welds and then a hammer to tap the old window guard into two halves.
panks5 years ago
JackieMust5 years ago
Wow!  I love it.  What a clever idea to make such a lovely window box.  Very nice! 
marshnt6 years ago
y is this under tech
inad (author)  marshnt6 years ago
Huh? Do you mean is this listed under technology or is this technology somehow under qualified to be demonstrated here?
inad (author)  inad6 years ago
Duhh. OK I see it now. The TECH category that is shown in the sub headings above in the orange horizontal category bar; right?
Really beautiful! Great reuse. :D
inad (author)  jessyratfink6 years ago
TY Jess. I thought it was rather creative for the "happy" old furniture dealer to figure that I could do this and then turn me loose on the project. I did have to make a heavy iron rod scroll bender to make those brackets. They are solid 1/2" square bar. No heat was used to bend anything you see here.
UltraMagnus6 years ago
if this was made from a AC vent cover, its probably not made from wrought iron http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wrought_iron
inad (author)  UltraMagnus6 years ago
OK ; UM you are reaching for a purists' use of words. All iron is wrought at some time. 1820s wrought iron is admittedly more worked on an anvil than modern iron work. But I go with: whether you bend a rod bought from an Iron supply dealer or you beat iron out of a lump of dirt ore and turn it into a rod, it is wrought either way.