Cash rules everything around me.
Get the money.

Arduinos are showing up everywhere. Even in space. But what about the lowly tip jar?

Are Arduino projects giving the Wu-Tang Clan the proper respect they deserve?
Not even close!

That's what this is about.

Interactive tipping.
Dolla dolla bill y'all.

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you need.

Can - My can used to hold beans. I ate those beans and kept the can.
Wave Shield - Adafruit
SD Card - For holding the sound files.
Audio Amplifier - The wave shield has a really low volume coming off of the shield. You need to amplify it.
Ultra Bright LED
1K resistor
300 ohm resistor
Spray Paint - I used a matte black
2" speaker - Jameco
Scrap upholstery fabric for the speaker cover
M3-10 Bolts with Nuts

Tools used:
Soldering Iron
3D Printer
Laser Cutter
Hot glue gun

Wu Tang Can aint nothin' to f#$% with!
<p>awwww dang, that is TOO FUNNY! .... lol I love it</p>
Great Instructable! I'll probably do something like this for halloween. <br> <br>I have the wave shield too, but haven't really used it for much of anything yet, just the example sketches. I'm interested in what kind of problems you've come across that you've resolved or worked around. Would you be able to share those? What other limitations have you run into? (Other than the need to have mono 22KHz, 12bit WAV files )
The file specifications is annoying. In your code you cannot name your wave file over 8 characters (8 characters + &quot;.wav&quot;). If you name it over 8 characters it won't play. This one took a few hours to figure out. For some reason soldering together this kit is easy to mess up. I've done it myself and I've seen numerous students do it. Check to see which pins are already being used by the shield before using any of the digital pins. I've used various software to try and format the files into the correct wave format and it won't work. When I do it in iTunes with the exact same settings, it does work. I don't quite understand that one... There might be other ones. <br>That being said, I still like this board and I use it more than any other shield. I would love to have a redesign that had the Atmega328 included on it. Small form factor to embed into projects and having all the useable pins available for external components... my heart is racing just thinking it!
Imma tell you like Wu told me...
Can't you do the same thing with just a switch?
lol for that tip jar, <br> <br>but Love that floating table, i d love to try and eat at that table
<3 <3 <3
Can's got your money, don't you worry.

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