This instructible is in response to my placing my X-10 key chain remote in the basket by the door, and having to fumble for it among all the other items, glasses, keys, do rags, etc, I had in the basket when I came home. Now my X-10 key chain remote is beside the light switch so I can turn on four lights the moment I walk into the house. This is a two part 3D print so that it can be used with either a left or right side mount with the same 3D print.

Step 1: Two Stl Files

Print these two files. As you will discover the two parts will need to be mounted together with a couple of screws, but because of their properties, can be used to the left or right of any light switch plate. Now your X-10 key chain remote will always be within reach of the same light switch that controls your ceiling fan, which has no use if you leave your fan on when your not home. Your switch location is now useful again. My last three houses had this. If I left my ceiling fan running, I had to walk across the room to turn a light on in my house.

<p>Excellent. I have a rock-solid x10 system and I love these little keychain remotes. I leave them scattered throughout the house for convenience. I'm going to print about 5 of these! Amazing!</p>
<p>Thanks so much for the comment. I also designed a wall holster for the large controller, but haven't discovered the need to hang it yet. RCA used to make the same frequency controllers. Their key-chain remote was only two channels, but had a switch inside to choose 1-2 or-3-4. I wish X-10 key-chain remotes were switchable from 1-4 to 5-8. Again, thank you.</p>

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