X-39 Gladiator Prototype




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Introduction: X-39 Gladiator Prototype

This is this first powerful pistol that I have ever made that actually looks good. This is for you knexguy237.


Looks awesome
Range: 40-45 ft
True trigger
Sight capability
Hand guard


Handle is a little wobbly
Uses broken pieces

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    could you give me a piece count for this too? lol (This is Triggerhappy_knexpert

    Dude you did great i like how it is compacted.

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    Looks sorta like boltshot from halo 4

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    This could be more powerful if you made the trigger block farther back. Just saying.

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    It's only like an inch away from coming out when you cock it

    I don't understand

    Well, good work bro. I think it looks pretty good, and you have a great sense of style when it comes to guns (which is more than I can say for a TON of people on this site). I like the "compact-ness" of this gun, and the range is great! It has some edges on it that should be cleared up, but those don't really matter. And the fact that it has a removable mag is nice. I still can't believe that you "stole" this gun idea right out of my mind! I had this epic "carbine-pistol" all planed out, and you just post a couple of pics and ruin it. XD Good job bro.

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    Thanks and sorry about ruining it for you. XD