This is this first powerful pistol that I have ever made that actually looks good. This is for you knexguy237.


Looks awesome
Range: 40-45 ft
True trigger
Sight capability
Hand guard


Handle is a little wobbly
Uses broken pieces

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Oh, never mind.
could you give me a piece count for this too? lol (This is Triggerhappy_knexpert
Dude you did great i like how it is compacted.
Verry nice little gun=)
Thanks =)
no prob.
Looks sorta like boltshot from halo 4
This could be more powerful if you made the trigger block farther back. Just saying.
It's only like an inch away from coming out when you cock it
Sexy, I love the compact desgn!
Thanks man
No problem!
I don't understand
Well, good work bro. I think it looks pretty good, and you have a great sense of style when it comes to guns (which is more than I can say for a TON of people on this site). I like the "compact-ness" of this gun, and the range is great! It has some edges on it that should be cleared up, but those don't really matter. And the fact that it has a removable mag is nice. I still can't believe that you "stole" this gun idea right out of my mind! I had this epic "carbine-pistol" all planed out, and you just post a couple of pics and ruin it. XD Good job bro.
Thanks and sorry about ruining it for you. XD
Very cool!
It looks really good! You should post it!
thanks and maybe <br>
Nice! I like the clean and compact looks of it, plus the range is great :D <br>So, in short:
Thanks, nice pic lol
No problem :D <br>I found the pic somewhere on some other ible
your welcome
Looks beautiful; you should post! <br>
Thanks and maybe
Thats neat =D
Cool! I would rate it, but they took away the rating system. Where's the firing pin? Did you take it out when you took the pictures?
Thanks and yes

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