Introduction: X-ACTO Knife Care

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Her is how to take care of an X-ACTO knife.

Step 1:

Step 2: How to Cut

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To cut hold it like a pen then put your other hand in front of the X-ACTO knife. Then cut.

Step 3: Holding

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Don't hold it straight up but hold it at an angle. Also don't cut with it leaning on the side. This will break the blade.

Step 4: Replacing Blades

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To replace a blade on the X-ACTO retractable first dissemble the pen. Then get a new blade and slide it in. Then rotate the blade until it gets stuck. Finally reassemble. For the classic loosen the tip then pull it out. Last take your new blade slide it in and tighten.


BurningApple (author)2008-10-07

Pretty good, but you should rephrase step 2. You can't hold it straight up and at an angle.

Sorry. Dyslexia strikes again.

dacker (author)2008-10-08

Some verbiage on selecting an appropriate cutting surface under your work would be good as well. A solid surface cutting board will kill a #11 blade in no time whereas a wood surface or a proper cutting mat will extend the life of your blades.

shooby (author)2008-10-07

This needs better photos, and could do with some additional information, such as: What type of straight edge to use How to keep blades sharp Techniques for cutting different materials (to score plexiglass for snapping, for example, I use pliers to snap the end 1/16" tip off the blade, at an angle such that the snapped surface and the back of the blade are approx 90 degrees. I then use this to score by cutting with the back of the blade, not the blade itself)

muyo19 (author)shooby2008-10-07

Sorry I joined not long ago.I am a beginner.

shooby (author)muyo192008-10-07

That's ok. The photos are a minor issue. It'd be interesting to have some details on what you're cutting, and why, and what other projects you use an X-acto for. That blade types you use, the difference between the large and small handle, etc.

muyo19 (author)shooby2008-10-07

The pictures are taken by a webcam. I need to find my camera.

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