What's that, you don't have $750 laying around for one of those fancy strollers?... well then this build is for you.
I bought this Burley stroller/bike trailer from Craigslist for $160 ($500 retail) in near perfect shape. My wife and I saw that you can buy a ski kit ($230), but that it's not made for the older model we have--- that got the wheels turning.

I spent about $60 for parts from a big box store plus the original $160 for the stroller and it still costs less than the ski set-up alone.

This is my first post here, I hope it's clear. Good luck

Step 1:

Time required:
It took me 4-5 hrs, designing as I built. It should only take you about 2 hrs

Parts list:

1. Baby (optional, small dogs like to go for rides too)
2. Jogging stroller
3. Old pair of skis
4. 4 pcs of 3/4" plywood 1'x2'
5. 4 pcs of 1" square steel tube- 18" ea
6. 8- 3" 1/4-20 Carriage bolts w/ fender washers and wing nuts
7. 4- 3" 1/4-20 bolts w/ flat washers (no bigger than 1") and nuts
8. 1 stick of 3/4" EMT conduit
9. 2 bike tire quick releases
10. 2 rod couplings and threaded rod--same thread as quick release


1. Hacksaw
2. Drill w/ 1/4" and 3/8" bits and 1" paddle bit
3. Screwdriver
4. Pliers/ wrench/ sockets... (something to hold the nuts)
5. Wood saw
6. EMT bender

-All drilled holes are 1/4" except where another size is mentioned.
-The plywood and tubes set-up will be referred to as "the bracket"
-Because this is made to be taken apart for storage and travel you may find it useful to label the parts.
-When installing the carriage bolt set-up, keep the wing nuts on the outside so as not to rip the stroller when assembling.
Here is another view to show closer what was done. Total cost - <br>Skis from Savers (two pairs) $10.00 each pair. <br>Wood from Garden stakes - free from last year, or $6.00 <br>Nuts, pvc and bolts from Ace Hardware 10.00 <br>Total cost $26.00. <br>Total time could be 1 hour now that I know what to do. This is removeable and does not harm the alloy wheel either.
Haven't done the front wheel yet but took 1 by 3 &quot; board and screwedit into binding holes on side of ski. Put hole through the middle. Took pvc pipe and drilled hole through that. Then, took long screw and went through both holes. On the outside of the pvc, used a wing nut to pull the pvc against the wheel. That way, I can put the skis on when I hit snowmobile trails and take them off when I am on pavement - out jogging with the kids in MN.
looks good. if you will be pushing this from behind while using snow shoes, it's good as is. just make sure to tether a lanyard or safety line to your belt so that it doesn't get away from you. if it will be pulled behind a skier or snomobile, here are some suggestions. try to bring down the center of gravity as much as possible or this will surely roll when you drag it around a corner. also, i would try to put the point of attachment as near as possible to the tips of the skis for improved tracking.&nbsp;for xc skiing w/ no downhills, you can get away with a basic rope or nylon web harnass. i used to drag a sled with a dog and it wasn't a problem. if you will be going downhill (not recommended), this will be an extreme safety hazard. you can try to rig up some rigid aluminum pulls similar to a downhill rescue sled. another option would be to bend some aluminum poles similar to a modern day Indian travois. the poles would need to allow for vertical movement (for going over bumps), but be rigid side to side (for steering). coming up with a semi-rigid design which will not interfere with your ski poles will be the trick. <br /> <br /> goes without saying, but test this thing without any precious cargo. have all of the kids wear helmets and make sure they are buckled in well. consider what might happen if this thing flips. i know that the larger burley trailers have a bar over the top which affords a sort of roll cage for slow speed. none of these things are designed for speeds anywere near what a snowmobile can produce. i had the full size burley for riding and my kids always wore helmets. it did flip on&nbsp;a curb once, so these things do happen. with a center of gravity above the attachment point, it will be even more susceptible to flipping.<br /> <br /> i have to admit, the burley sled almost looks worth the price. it looks like a well engineered product for skiing groomed trails. see, <a href="http://justpetstrollers.com/Burley-Rover-Trail-Wagon-9-07/Burley-Tail-Wagon-Bike-Trailer-Pet-Stroller-with-we-ski-attachment-full.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://justpetstrollers.com/Burley-Rover-Trail-Wagon-9-07/Burley-Tail-Wagon-Bike-Trailer-Pet-Stroller-with-we-ski-attachment-full.jpg</a>&nbsp;<br /> <br /> go online and look at images of rescue sleds and traditional travois for inspiration and good luck. <br />
&nbsp; I have made a setup which allows this to be pulled behind on X-country skis, gone up hills and down and it works well.&nbsp; I used 1/2&quot; EMT secured to my waist with a harnessand to the diagonal part of the bracket which let this track very well.<br /> &nbsp; I would never pull this behind a snowmobile, where did you get that idea?
this design looks promising, <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/X_Country_Ski_Snowshoe_Stroller/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/X_Country_Ski_Snowshoe_Stroller/</a>
we have a ski swap where i live and skis that don't sell get tossed...free skis. Cool Instructable!
how does it stop? does it have breaks? what if the pusher lets go on a hill?!
<strong>How does it stop?</strong><br/>---On snowshoes, you stop walking<br/>---On skis, a harness is attached to me and the stroller; when I stop the stroller stops.<br/><br/><strong>Does it have brakes?</strong><br/>---No<br/><br/><strong>What if the pusher lets go on a hill?</strong><br/>---My daughter is in there, I won't let it go.<br/>
Cool! I'm in the process of working on my own right now. I was thinking of posting my own instructable when I finish. $230 is ridiculous for a x-country ski kit! I found some 110 cm cross country skis at the local REI on clearance for $17! My plan is to make a 'socket' out of a bent piece of PVC pipe (C shaped) sawed in half which the wheel will be strapped into. My trailer is a Chariot brand rather than Burley and the wheels attach a little differently. As for the tow system I was thinking electrical conduit leading to an old backpacking hip belt.
I got to see the Chariot setup when we went away and liked the backpacking hip belt idea. I tried using rope as a harness that weekend, but it was just too inconsistent. I did use EMT to keep the stroller at a distance which works great. I'll post what I made hopefully this weekend.
Also adding front ski will make from Chariot snow stroller. Very good for snowshoeing. Very easy to setup and no need for ropes or poles. <br/>Just extend jogging kit<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://anicka.mihopapamir.net/fotky/index.php?spgmGal=2008/12&spgmPic=0#spgmPicture">http://anicka.mihopapamir.net/fotky/index.php?spgmGal=2008/12&amp;spgmPic=0#spgmPicture</a><br/>
I have managed to build one myself for Chariot CX-1 <a rel="nofollow" href="http://stela.mihopapamir.net/fotky/index.php?spgmGal=2009/02_Unor/Hurka&spgmPic=9#spgmPicture">http://stela.mihopapamir.net/fotky/index.php?spgmGal=2009/02_Unor/Hurka&amp;spgmPic=9#spgmPicture</a><br/>
haha, way to stick it to the ski-selling man. Would something like flip-down wheels be handy? (like amphibious but with snow..?) Is a brake necessary?
I already have the wheels for the stroller. I can change it from skis to wheels and vice versa in under 5 min.
Alright! thats awesome, theres an area nearby that has houses on one side of a trail and essiental stores on the other, now you can ditch the car and ski! +++++

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