This is X-Mod that I turned into an RC-XD from Call of Duty: Black Ops. I thought this would be perfect for the video game contest, so, I got some cardboard, wires, tape, spray paint, and some other things and put this together.

PLEASE VOTE for this if you like it!!!!!!!!!!
That is kickass you should show us how to make it
Too bad for yall,Ive got the Real driveable Black Ops Rc xd that came out the Black Ops Prestige Box,if you want one just go and buy one ,their only $150 or something like that
Yea... a $150? I think I'll just stick to using cardboard to make it look like that lol.
Have fun at the airport!
great call. hope it was fun enough when you find you are stuck in guantanimo bay for 20 years though.
how do you make it will you make a indistructable
I had a rc car until my brother drived it ino a lake so unlike the person bottom of me i have to build this sh** <br>
nice job on making suicidle RC cars LOL <br>I'M THINKING IF I GET A rc CAR I SO GOTTA BUILD DIS sh*t<br>
tht rox! b careful around cops as said b4. :D make it explode bb's for a bb fight!!!!!! :D:D:D
Cool...Now make it blow up...
A more in depth Instructable would be nice- a very good idea by the way.
I did make an actual tutorial on how to make this. You might want to see that one.
Pretty nice... Be careful around cops...
Neat.... :D

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