DIY and have fun with your friends ;)

Step 1: Materials & Tools :-

-old jeans
-colored yarns & needle

Step 2: Cut the Belt, and Prepare the Legs of the Jeans

Step 3: Cut One Leg , Draw a Square Shape to Have Your Game Pad ,trim the Excess

Step 4: Draw 10*10 C.m Squares

Step 5: Cut Some Strips to Make the Borderlines

Step 6: Then Sew Them With the Colored Yarn

Step 7: Cut 9*9 C.m Squares to Make Small Pillow for the X & O

Step 8: Fill With Fibers and Then Stitched Them With Glue or U Can Sew Them

<p>This is a really cute idea and would make a great handmade gift. Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>i'm happy that u like it , urw anytime Amberrayh :)</p>

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