X Wing Room Decoration





Introduction: X Wing Room Decoration

About: I'm a high school student who loves making and hacking stuff!

If you like Star Wars you will love this simple but cool decoration for your bedroom.

Step 1: Select the Photo That You Want to Transform.

Step 2: Download the Photo to Google Drive or Adobe Acrobat.

Step 3: Print It in a 4 Page Tiled Format.

Step 4: Cut Off the Extra Paper.

Step 5: Tape the 4 Papers Together.

Step 6: Bubble Cut Around the Photo.

Step 7: Glue the Papers to a Piece of Cardboard.

Step 8: Cut It Out With an X-acto Knife and You're Done!

Hang it up in your office, bedroom, or anywhere you want!

Step 9: Please Vote for Me in the Sci-Fi Contest and the Homemade Gifts Contest!!!



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    hm... as a paper craft Nerd who built a 2 feet wide 3d X wing with cardboard, I was thinking of a project of different nature. This is simple and fast! good try!

    Thank You very helpful I'm making 2 of them out of an flying fortress and an American fighter jet.

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    Really good idea! Could you post some pics when your done?