Step 3: taggerung's dart

1 cut the end
2 role out the blu tak
3 cut the blu tak in half
4 insert 1 half into each end of the cotton bud
5 insert the blunt end of the flat headed pin
6 smooth off the tak
7 insert the blow dart into the back of taggerung's dart and smooth off the tak
You can make a pneumatic (air) rifle to shoot them. Search Instructables.
u really don't like that stuffed toy do you?
this heaps better than the other darts your posted a while back. they are even deadlier than the previous ones. i said about the other darts to make sure nobodys around when you fire. For these you need to make sure nobodys in a kilometre vicenty. lol. Outstanding.
Wow, they explode? wouldn't you want to try and avoid that? :P J/k i'm not that stupid.. Those darts look pretty sound.. i've made some similar, they're quite effective.

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