I have 3 x10 (ninja) pan and tilt bases and only 1 x10 camera. I also have two other wireless cameras, but the way the x10's are set up, only x10 cameras are compatible (as far as I have researched), so I made my own modification to fit my wireless camera on it. This enables me to turn the camera on and off with the base, so it won't interfere with my other one.

If you aren't familiar with what a x10 is, here's a link: http://www.x10.com/homepage.htm

Warning: There is a chance of electrical shock while doing this instructable. Make sure the base is unplugged while working on it.

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you need to do this mod:

1. A x10 pan and tilt base
2. The x10 camera adapter
3. Scissors
4. Wireless camera with the 9v adapter that came with it (make sure that it doesn't need too much/little power otherwise your picture may come out distorted)
5. Smoke detector (or anything you can get a 9v clip out of)
6. Electrician's tape
7. A motor (or something to test for pos./neg. power)
You don't need to kill a smoke detector for the 9v adapters, you can buy them for $.25 at radio shack. :)
Or you can buy them off of eBay for $.10... But since I had the alarm on hand at the time and had other plans for the rest of the alarm, I figured I'd just take the adapter from there.
Just wanted to add in... Make sure your camera is compatible with the base :)

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