X466 DOOM Rocket Launcher V1.0


Introduction: X466 DOOM Rocket Launcher V1.0

Basically A giant slingshot. THIS IS ONLY A BETA VERSION. A better one will come soon. It's similar to Oodalumps's cannon.

Step 1: The Top Piece

This part is required for the gun to work.

Step 2: Extra Length

What makes the gun so deadly is the extra barrels. At least 4 are recommended.

Step 3: The Bullet

This is the big boy we're gonna fire.

Step 4: Loading and Firing

To load, put the bullet in the rails. Hook the rubber bands on, pull down, and release.



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    it's 2011 man and there's still no better one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    HARLDY DEADLY! its got no trigger for god sake. you have to keep it helf back to fire!

    Just saying, if you do that, whatever respect anyone has for you will burn to shreds. A old saying... "When burning bridges, a nice fire it does make"