Step 32: The Wiring

You'll need about 6 feet of thin wire. Or string.

Anyway, tie it around The orange piece a few times. Then add that red part. Then tie it around the edge and add a white rod. Then loop it around the top, and pull it down to the base.
i bet that tickled when you shot yourself!
I'd be LOL so hard if I could see that thing in action if it does :)
Dood.. why didn't you put your user as " The Knex Einstein"?
Indeedly doodly amazing, but what a shame that it doesnt hurt.... It would make it so much better to be ahrmful ;]
Impressive... Most Impressive... :D lol! I have that many parts! I just don't think I'd have enough time to build that... well maybe I do... OK technically I could!<br><br>The music at the beginning of your video. Do you know what that's from?<br><br>It's Carl Orff's Carmina Burana - 1st movement - O Fortuna. An epic song which I'm learning in the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony. A VERY technical piece for percussion, but VERY FUN!! The only difference is we're playing all 25 movements and performing them not just the first.<br><br>But anyway nice job!! :)<br><br>
Well, this is awesome. I dont see why many more people havent built it...<br />
I know everyone could build this. lol<br /> I can build it but I'm short one motor.
not me D:&gt;
Aww...<br />
<br> Because it takes&nbsp;<strong>6100&nbsp;</strong>peices
It's too big man.....<br />
make a more powerful mini version :D
I wonder if I was the only one who though &quot;K'nex Minecraft Dispenser&quot; when I saw the video.<br><br>Seriously, this is legit! Nicely done!<br><br>Helpful tip (from film/video major) for any future slow-motion shots: To make the slow-motion shot smoother, put your camera in manual mode and set the shutter speed from 1/60 to something like 1/1000. This will make the video much smoother. However, it will be much darker, so light the room as much as possible (and if you can, open the aperture (Iris) all the way) while doing this. Hope this helps!
He made them out of the skin of his enemies, must be the only reason why he doesnt wanna tell people.
Um i don't want to be mean so yeah (no offense) but do you have a life at all?<br/>I mean u have 6100 pieces <strong>WITH</strong> leftovers and it took over 6 months with tons of fails, would you be able to do this when school starts? If you can, you either have a really nice teacher or your super fast with homework. Btw where'd you get all those knex i have about 3000. <br/>P.S roughly how many knex you have? Including spacers and those mini pieces.<br/>
I take this back because i now have 100+ pounds of knex
I only wish I had the ability to invent things with my K'nex. I have just built the 6ft Ferris Wheel but I rarely if ever build something without the instructions :(
haha. that made me laugh.
Can it be hand cranked
Dude, this thing goes on your back.... it would be kinda hard to hand-crank...
lol i typed in knex pistol and this is what came up
OMG This is the first time I've looked at this instructable and I swear i thought it was a ball machine!
Nice work :D this is mental
Totally mad. I love it! Have you thought of replacing the bullets with propeller blades- this thing might fly, or at least dry your hair?
NNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have made the wheel, and about 3/4 of the casing, and I have ran out of pieces! NOOOO!!! Imma buy some more peices off ebay anywayzz..
try not using that meny peices in the body frame work skip peaices.
Well he did post a piece count.
Love in the video where it says 'Doesn't hurt' and the boy then walks off wincing and touching his shoulder. Great instructable though!
Can you use any other moters? Because I really what to make it!!!!!!
holy crap thats awesome i would fill it tic tics and get hit in a holy shower of sweets emmm
And then try to eat when there coming at you! Rofl
damn...<br />
&nbsp;you have way to much time
My Aunt Has A Hissy Fit Just Becuase I Have 2 Sets Of Knex..<br /> Crane Set And Rippin Rocket Rollercoster..<br /> I Cant Imagine What She Would Say/Do If I Had All That..
My favorite part is the locking front chest piece.
&nbsp;OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU COMMENTED ON A KNEX GUN OMG!!!!!!!!!<br /> <u>would you make one comment on this???? PLEASE :<br /> </u><br /> https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-repeating-crossbow-1/<br /> <br /> THANKYOU!!!<br />
<p>No to me mean, but I really don't think he will comment on something like that.</p>
LOL&nbsp;i know i just wanted one measly comment lol!
This is the funniest comment I have seen on Instructables so far!<br />
LOL&nbsp;i know i just wanted one measly comment lol!
thats a first....................the admin just commented on a KNEX GUN!
yeah, it is cool
SO&nbsp;DUZZZ&nbsp;U&nbsp;MAN<br />
And you, so it seems.
That was sarcastic.<br />
&nbsp;dude has anyone besides u ever built this???? LOL

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